Bubba Ho Tep - Review

In my ongoing mission to expose everyone to awesome movies they’ve probably never seen, I bring you my review of Bubba Ho Tep. The film stars cult icon and B movie superstar Bruce Campbell as the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. See, Elvis grew tired of his life of fame and fortune, so he hatched a plan to switch places with the best Elvis impersonator around. The switch was successful, and the real Elvis Presley lived a happy life as an impersonator of himself. But he grew tired of this life, and wanted to switch back, but he missed his chance. The “Elvis” everyone else came to know died, and now the real Elvis lives the rest of his life proclaiming he is the real Elvis Presley, and no one believes him. The movie picks up with Elvis (looking very old) lying in bed at a retirement home. He contemplates his life and his future, and drops one of the best lines of the film. ”…is there anything to life other than food shit and sex?”

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