Please delete immediately ALL Tvxshare, Premiershows,, Tzshows and Videoflix links!

These sites are false 'survey' sites. 'If you are not connected after completing your 'survey', just fill out another' !!!!!!!



Default avatar cat
Oct 27, 2008 11:47PM EDT

I second that, but they'll never do it as no one actually seems to read these comments (from the staff that is)

Default avatar cat
Oct 30, 2008 4:11AM EDT

I also agree. But we arethe ones that are allowed to delete the links. It seems to be the ones with x or z in the name. With the exception of "watchxonline" that is the only one with a letter in the works. And it is an amazing site...working links.

Default avatar cat
Oct 30, 2008 6:11PM EDT

i agree too

Default avatar cat
Nov 3, 2008 1:22AM EST

dude its not us users fault, i delete whenever i can but they just repost it within an hour. sidereel needs to somehow block those urls. so damn frustrating. bout ready to give up on sidereel

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