Waiting - Review

Waiting came out in 2005. At the time, yours truly was working at an Applebee’s restaurant. I had been working in kitchens at various restaurants for a little over 8 years. So when I heard a comedy was coming out involving a restaurant and it’s crew, my initial thought was “it’s about time!” I could not wait to see it. It starred one of my favorite comedic actors at the time, Ryan Reynolds. I loved his style of humor, shown prominently in Van Wilder. So I was first in line opening weekend. At the film was everything I thought it would be and more. Now, a couple of years later, I find a Blu ray edition of the film, Waiting Unrated and Raw. So I pick it up with the intention of giving all of you a review of the film, offering my “unique” insight into the world of theme restaurants.

On to the review. The restaurant that most of the movie is set in is called “Shenaniganz.” Think Applebee’s, TGI Fridays or Chili’s. All sorts of lame decorations all over the walls. Super cheery staff. Like that. Exactly like the restaurants I have worked in. The crew is great, one of the strengths of this movie is the quality comedic performances by all of the actors and actresses. Here are some of the key characters: They had Ryan Reynolds as the “coolest guy” in the restaurant. He is a server. There is the blond “loose girl.” She is also a server. Rounding out the servers is the old lady who has worked there WAY too long. She is very vulgar. Then you have the dishwasher; a wise older man whose wisdom can creep you out at times. The bus boys are two wannabe thug pot smokers. And the rest of the kitchen staff includes the kitchen elder (a guy who loves to play dirty games while cooking) the sarcastic a** hole cook, and the dumb new guy. The manager of the restaurant is the type of guy who is old and lame, but thinks he’s cool and should hang out with all the younger employees. Key characters for sure. The scary thing is, I have worked with a real person who corresponds with the characters in the film.

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