F*** Megavideo and all the 'survey' sites, and bogus sites!!

These sites all b*****t and you would be doing a favour if you spend 5 minutes a day deleting them. Also please boycott Megavideo and use Tudou (although for some reason sidereel doesnt use them)-they are FREE, fast, and do NOT have the many issues that megavideo does. Thanks



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Oct 23, 2008 1:14AM EDT

I agree with 'lovehaight' cuz whenever I go to these sites, the video is blocked and I can't watch it until I complete a survey or some s**t like that. It's totally bogus!!!

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Oct 24, 2008 1:21AM EDT

I also agree, and I hate those sites for the freaking survey's, and what's the deal with freaking amazon and Itunes....I use this site for free links not one's where I have to buy episodes?? What about other sites...

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Oct 25, 2008 10:11AM EDT

megavideo needs to be cut out... expecting us to pay??? as the OP said, pay for illegal streams anyway? its all bullshit. delete all megavideo links. show the wankers

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Oct 25, 2008 4:44PM EDT

Actually, the time limit issue is only one Megavideo problem- although the limit seems to be getting shorter. At first I used to get cut off after 120min or so, but now I can only watch about 60min.
The other problem is that Megavideo video all seem to be out of sync (video and audio) and only get more out of sync as the video progresses. Megavideo is the only site this happens regularly on (the occassional video on Youtube is, but that's because of upload issues) and other users all have the same problem, so it's not my computer.
It's a shame because Megavideo used to be my player of choice because it was fast loading, usually of good quality, and once reliable. Tudou loads okay sometimes but really slow others. 56.com isn't that bad, at least right now, and Youku.com has always been slow for me. I've found that videos from you.video.sina.com.cn (Sina, also a Chinese site) actually load pretty fast too. SurftheChannel already has many show episodes linked from that site.

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Nov 22, 2008 10:24PM EST

I know, how did megavideo ever get the idea to charge people who are more apt to 'not' pay for their entertainment anyway? I just don't understand the logic in that. What an embarrassingly ignorant waste of internet resources on their part.

Nov 23, 2008 1:34AM EST

i have been trying to get the ppl that put the links on here to listen to our pleas about megavideo but they dont seem to care about us any more it got like that at surf the channel after a while andit seems that every link site i go to now favors megavideo i find the best link comes from supernova tube because of megavideo i have missed quiet a lot of my progs this week the amount of posts on here about megavideo and no one from sidereel has amswered or done any thing about it and i came to this site because of abuse from surfthechannel and found this to be the best now its just like the rest

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