Dark City review

The Dark City Directors Cut, is a totally re-edited film that includes over 11 min of additional footage. There are a few new scenes that were obvious however the entire film has been re-edited by director Alex Proyas, and unlike the recent new Waterworld cut, this is not the TV version. The image quality is staggering as the remastered print looks amazing compared to the original. Its almost like comparing VHS to DVD, its that good!!! The new cut delivers a more mysterious take on the intentions of The Strangers. The opening narration, that all but gave away the plot in the original film has been removed. For new viewers of the film this will add a new twist on just who or what The Strangers are. Small cuts in dialog are also noticeable, as the music score has also been altered. Upon my first impression of Dark City I was instantly reminded of The Matrix, the look and colors are right out of the machine world, there are other striking similarities as well.

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