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Boy dies after friends imitate Naruto

Innocent game of playacting turns deadly when kids bury friend in sandbox.

A family is in mourning after an accident in a playground left their 10-year-old dead.

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| 17:17 EDT, 22 Oct, 2008
are kids becomeing stupeder or somthing, god are u kiding me what were they retarted or somthing? how the hell die's in a sand box!!!!!!! what were they imitating anyway?
| 21:10 EDT, 14 Aug, 2008
wow when i was a 5th grader i knew what would happen if i buried my head under sand
| 15:46 EDT, 23 Jun, 2008
Silly to immitate such stuntsOh well, all under the bridge Its not suprise that something was not made of it in the news, going on about the 'danger' of stunts being shown to kids If it was in england then the dail mail would of been all over that
| 23:44 EDT, 10 Jun, 2008
Some kids just weren't born with survival instincts I guess.
| 20:02 EDT, 17 May, 2008
how sad im depressed now

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