Is The Practice by David E. Kelley the best lawyer show ever?

I'd like to put feelers out for this show. In my opinion it is the most realist, down to earth lawyer drama around. The spin off, Boston Legal, and other similar shows are entertaining and funny, but the focus is on the comedy and quirkiness of the characters, whereas in The Practice the main focus of the show were the court proceedings and the unexpected/unintended outcomes of the law in practice.

It is surprising that a show that was so acclaimed and won so many Emmy awards has not been released on DVD, yet other shorter lived shows are quick to be released for sale. Does anyone know why that is?

At any rate, I have gone to great lengths to try downloading all the seasons, and fortunately I'm only missing Season 5. I'll be uploading the seasons soon enough because I think the show has a great political/legal commentary behind it, which is both educational and entertaining. In fact, the other day, while reading a law blog about the disparity between law in books vs law in action, the author was talking about how law students become disillusioned with the actual practice of law because it is less glamorous than portrayed in virtually every show. The author commented that real law is less like Boston Legal and more like The Practice, where ungratefulness, callousness and injustices are the norm.

To me personally, this show has been very influential in my decision to study law and I am encouraged that the show has some accurate portrayals of life as an attorney at law.

In short, I love this show and have always been disappointed and curious as to why there are no DVD's available and why other similar shows have not been since produced.

I'd like to pose these questions to all the readers of this website:

1.Is The Practice by David E. Kelley the best lawyer show ever?

2. Are there any other similar shows around? (Does not have to be American,just a serious, accurate portrayal of the practice of law)



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Jun 3, 2008 3:16PM EDT

Thanks for your thoughts on The Practice; I always loved the show and am also surprised that it has not earned itself a DVD release. This show was the highlight of my Sunday nights for quite a few years.Is it the best legal show ever? In terms of its realism - maybe - though in later seasons it started to go a little over the edge too, if I recall, with a different lawyer in the firm being the target of some crazy each day. I don't think I ever actually saw the final season. However, regarding the first few seasons I am completely with you that it was a legal show at its absolute finest. Competitors? Maybe Law & Order: SVU though I have never been a regular viewer of that one, but it seems pretty decent. I also loved the first season of Damages on FX, though spending time in court was not really the primary focus of that one like it was on The Practice.

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Jun 7, 2008 11:22PM EDT

I totally agree with that - the first 5 seasons were definitely the best. The courage and the grit required to pursue criminal law was showed admirably by the series. And the show was never candy-floss like the others!
It would be great if you could upload the seasons soon - Thanks a lot!

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