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Question: Can you please give me scoop on House? I'm dying to know what happens after the small hiatus! -- Samantha

Ausiello: In the Jan. 19 episode, we'll learn that someone in House's writers' room is a closet Aushole. Why? Because Foreman and Thirteen are referred to as… Foreteen! Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnh.

Question: Is it true that Cuddy is going to ask Cameron to take over her job on House? That would be awesome, if only because it probably means we'll see more of Cameron. -- Tommy

Ausiello: Yes, it's true. But offering is very different from accepting. And accepting is very different from maintaining. And maintaining is very different from... um… where was I going with this?

Question: Enough with Snoreteen already! What other House scoop do you have?! -- Anna

Ausiello: Hugh Laurie. Partially naked. Jan. 19. Save the date.

Source: EW


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