Finally Things are getting fun again

It was a nice surprise watching this episode to see that things are starting to get back to normal.. the last 10 min left me wanting more... first time in a long while i have been left anticipating the next episode.



Nov 25, 2009 10:02PM EST

same, i think heroes is a show which needs time to develop its stories because there are so many characters whose fates are interwoven in numerous ways. Most times we dont know the bigger picture overarching themes until the mid-season. I hope this shows stay long enough for them to tie the loose ends coz rumor has it this show might get cancelled by May (i hope not though)

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Nov 25, 2009 11:50PM EST

It was ordered for a 19 episode season. That, as far as I know, means that we will see 19 episodes this season, no more and no less. After that, I have a feeling it will be cancelled due to lack of viewership, though nothings official so who knows.

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Nov 26, 2009 2:10AM EST

If they can keep up the pace. (as was seen in the last 15 min of episode 11) they may just be able to get back all the viewers they have lost in the first ten episodes. i agree there are a lot of characters. Yet having all those characters is starting to make sense ( Samuels Power ). and the possible addition of Clair and Tracy to his familly. And above all Syler back in the mix.. should make for a very interesting second half of the season..
For all those disillusioned by three episodes dedicated to colorful sounds.. give Heros another chance next week and watch episode 11 here on sidereel.. (Episode 5 - 9 seem like a sub plot the writers have abandoned..)
Honestly you could have watched the last episode from last season and then watched 10 and 11 and you wouldn't have missed anything.
Happy Watching

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Dec 2, 2009 3:49PM EST

totally agree. so glad they brought Sylar back.looks like when the season starts up again it's going to be MUCH better :)
although gotta admit - my heart broke a little bit watching Nathan's death scene, even though we all saw it coming... :'|

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