Season Finale not Series Finale

I watch a lot of TV shows but Chuck is on the top of my list. The second season took on where the first one left and built it up to a totally new level. Chuck came into his own and while he was still the damsel in distress he did manage to impose his ideas into the team. He didnt just sit in the car.

Now how do you top it off and manage to create a new season from where the action in the second season left? Yes the season finale did manage something totally awesome which we will have to wait and see how it works for Chuck.

The episode itself was on the same level if not better than all the previous super awesome episodes this season. Elle's wedding, return of Chuck's dad and of course a surprise in the form of Chuck's old nemesis. The episode did resolve a few nagging issues such as why Chuck for the intersect and how is it that everyone around him is part of the spy world.

All in all one of the more satisfying season finales for a show. Hope this show gets picked up for the third season and totally blows it out of the park.


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Apr 28, 2009 1:15AM EDT

I agree, my new all-time favorite Chuck-Quote "Guys, i know Kung Fu."

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