Abyss Has Breathed New Life Into Season 8

Since the begging of the show, I have always liked Smallville. I liked its story, its characters, its action, and its one-liner phrases that seemed to be so popular (especially with Lex). But as the seasons came and went, I saw less and less story, and more and more predictable break-ups and Clarks sad faces (which isn't all that fun to look at). When season 7 came about, I was wondering if Smallville would ever get its feet out of the mud. Especially with Lex leaving, I saw a pretty shady season 8 in the future.

Last episode, Bloodline, was disappointing. They pretty much just threw some random stuff in there in order to create Doomsday, and finally show Kara just in time to get rid of her again. That being said, season 8 has surprised me. The whole Doomsday plot seems to be progressing well. I think the whole Doomsday/Chloe thing is unneeded though. Episode Abyss was the make it or break it for me. Chloe is turning into Brainiac! Sort of like Lex does in Justice League, season 4, Divided We Fall. The end of the season is geared up to have a great double enemy battle. I'm still wondering if Doomsday and Brainiac will be working together, or if they will be totally separate. I like it that Green Arrow is a main character. Also, Lois is always enjoyable for the funny situations she always gets herself into. Over all, season 8 has a lot of potential. I hope they can pull it off.


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Nov 15, 2008 1:37AM EST

I agree whole-heartedly!!! When smallville first started I loved it but then it gradually started to drift away from the fact that its acutally supposed to be "superman: the early years" and just because a teenage soap-drama thing instead with Clark's constant frowning...though that never seems to completely disappear as I actually thought to myself whilst watching Abyss "does he get a headache from frowning so much?".
This season has really seemed to pull it back in to perspective for me!! They've gotten rid of the characters that are not in the Superman films or series and emphasised the ones that are. For example, Chloe leaving the Daily Planet and Clark joining and Chloe conveniently losing her memory about Clark's powers so it seems like they may start phasing her out. I did also think the Chloe/Doomsday thing was unnecessary but I think it was simply a way of having her phased out.
One thing that I would say though for improvement: Give Clark some personality!!! He mopes around all the time and seems to have two faces throughout the entire show: a frown or a patronising smile!!(Yeah you know what I'm referring to!!:P) My god, seriously, he's the lead character but yet the most boring!! I preferred it in some previous episodes where they actually gave Clark some issues to war with himself over, such as his obsession with saving people, rather than just having him play off of other people's issues.

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