Catching Out was much better: do you agree?


Though I disliked the episode 'Paradisde' immensly, I have to admit that I actually quite enjoyed 'Catching Out'. For me it seemed as though the episode was more cohesive that it was last week. Though I cannot pin-point a specific example over-all I felt more as I did when watching the episodes of season 2-3 - when the team was a unit and they mixed serious consideration with light-hearted banter. There was also a greater sense of drama than in last week's episode. We saw the UnSub escalate - we saw the team grasping at straws, almost hitting on the right note, but just missing it right until the end. There was a dramatic chase scene which is always good (though I am concerned as to why no one bothered to radio an ambulence for the assaulted security guard. Was he supposed to be dead?).

Furthermore, I especially liked watching Morgan's (failed) attempts at wooing the woman who later turned out to be the character who will replace JJ on maternity leave It was fun to get an insight to Morgan's 'outside-the-office' character. But I have to say, that I sincerely hope they don't write a romantic story line for them as I feel that altering Morgan's playboy character in such a way would seem stilted and turn the show into a cheesy romance rather than a crime-drama. This episode also rekindled the playful banter than existed so heavily between Morgan and Prentiss earlier in the series. I like that as I felt it balanced out the M/G interation and showed a more relaxed side to Prentiss. I am however curious as to whether or not Kevin will appear back on the scene for Garcia. It was rumoured that he would be appearing in at least a couple of the Season 4 episodes but so far theres been neither hide nor hair of him.

I'm also pleased to note that this episode contained none of the hints that perhaps Hotch would be leaving the unit that the previous episodes contained. It seems we have our head G-man perfectly intact - and that's exactly the way I like it. Losing Gideon was fine in the long run and Rossi makes an awesome substitute but to loose both Gideon and Hotch over the course of the series I think would herald its decline.

But, anyway, what did you think?


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Nov 13, 2008 8:42AM EST

Good review and comments. I'd hate to lose Hotch too. Though the others are strong, they are stronger as a team, with Hotch and Rossi a more integrated part of that team than Gideon was.

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