Mary McDonnell is just breathtaking...

I would like to put her name forth for an emmy; if only I had that power. Mary was just beautiful in this episode, she's only improved upon her praiseworthy beginnings since the series began. I am glad the writers gave her an episode like this where she could really explore the depth of Laura's struggle as a leader...

I sometimes have felt cheated when the series dipped away from her character. I think it's the balance of the character study and the moral turmoil of the war which makes the show so compelling. The intellectual relevance of the show is realized in the character studies.

Anyone else with me on that Emmy nomination?


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Jun 13, 2008 8:03PM EDT

Yes I agree, she is amazing and only recently have the writers given her words worthy of her versatility. Course she doesn't even need words (Dances With Wolves) to show her creativity and depth in a character.
I think Tricia Helfer is incredible in the series too. She's truly had so many characters it's hard to pin one down that wasn't up to par. each of her 6's has it's own apparent individuality and I find that amazing in itself. The 6's are so harsh, and everytime i see one differently softened I love her even more.

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