Look What I Dug Up This Time

I am going to discuss this episode, so yes, there will be some pretty intense spoilers.

The best episode of this show yet. A lot of people were skeptical with the first episode of season 2, however, I was not. I expected it to be deep, and engaging and filled with just as much back stabbing and betrayal than the first season, however I did not see it surpassing it in the way the second season has.

Daniel Purcell, man my view of him changed a lot after this episode, and not in a bad way either. I NEVER thought that he had actually killed his wife, I thought Kendrick brow beat him into basically accepting the fact that if she doesn't get shut up, and he didn't purger himself on the stand, then that he was going to have to kill Purcell and his entire family, unable to stand up for himself or his wife, he reluctantly accepts to save himself and his daughter. This made strongly dislike William Hurts character, I thought he was a coward who basically help set up his wifes murder, whether he wanted to do that or not, that's despicable.

When it was revealed that he did indeed black out and strangle his wife to (NEAR) death, just. That entire scene was brilliant, I watched this episode when it aired, and then both encores after that, and each time I heard him screaming 'NO NO NO NO NO" after coming to; it was just so real. If you notice you even heard in his mind when he was strangling her, even then telling himself no. This totally explains where he has been for the uh? 5 episodes that we didn't see him? Well, I mean I guess it was pretty much assumed he was just chilling, still devastated at the loss of his wife and predicament, but now it just makes a lot more sense I think, clearly he loved her, the regret and anger he has been repressing has been driving him mad, which is seen when at the end of the episode he turns himself in as his wife's killer. I can respect this man, and he is one of my favourite characters.

But yeah, and the remote? Hmm.

I don't know, I guess this wasn't really a review of the episode, more a review of Daniel Purcell specifically.

The other happenings were no doubt intense though, Tom and Patty at the end, man that makes me feel bad, Tom is one of the only good characters in this entire show and now he's getting railed from both sides for no reason. Ellen gets to do some more bitchy underhanded things, which is fine, that's totally her character and I do like her. Patty kind of dealing with a lot too, even MORE so now if that's even possible. Let's see how that piled on top of being shot next episode feels.

But yeah I honestly have no idea where they are going with this, and I can't even see a season three coming out of this. Unless the whole Ellen shooting patty thing is a really elaborate set up?

OKAY I'VE TALKED A LOT I think I can end this review now, but uh, yeah so the 8 people that will read this I hope you feel the same way as I do about this episode and how simply breathtaking it was.


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