Gordon Resurrects KN for a Season 3

After announcing to the press ages ago that he was not going to film further episodes of Kitchen Nightmares because he felt as though people were unappreciative of the hard work and expense he personally put in. Fair enough, I say. Buut, I am very pleased to see a third season premier this week.

He begins the season with three sisters and their cafe in dire need of a helping hand after a terrible review in the local newspaper. Normally, Gordon has a run-in or two with a few alpha males, and this season it looks like the researchers have gone in first for once to 'vet' the people before sending in the hound, per se..... some of those fellas needed a real vet....

I can't blame Gordon for being reluctant to help, especially when changes are poorly upheld or working with those defiant of change, and I truly hope some real changes to appreciative people actually happens this season, because it is good to watch. Although, i do enjoy watching Mr. Ramsay call someone a 'fat, filthy pig' right in someone's face...


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Apr 22, 2010 12:43PM EDT

So I tried. I really did.I'm a great fan of the original series (the UK version of KN, mind you) and I loved Gordon in it. He seemed not only to know what he was talking about but to also really care about the people he was trying to help. And man, he was funny.
But the American version of KN is a perfect example for everything that's wrong with so-called "realtiy"-TV.It's the same sob-story every episode, false drama just before the ad-breaks, a sudden change of mind of the crazy/stupid/uncommitted chef/owner after an oh-so-serious heart to heart with Gordon.Suddenly, people can cook where only 20 minutes earlier they seemed to have trouble holding a spoon.Plus, why hire Gordon Ramsey, of all people, to host a series and then bleep the swearing? Half of what the man says is offensive - that's his main charm!The main objective of this series is to constantly recycle itself. They show the same scenes up to 5 times per episode - what's up with that? I know viewers' attention-span is supposed to have gone down in recent years, but surely one can expect people to remember what happened 3 minutes ago?Apparently not.Oh, and they don't expect us to remember past episodes either. Which is why every other episode is nothing more than a ridiculous mash-up of past episodes creatively called "restaurant xy revisited".
So alright, it is American reality-TV, I know, it's to be expected. But I am sad for Gordon. I liked him. Before KN USA and Hell's Kitchen. He's done irreperable damage to his reputation and credibility as a chef with these series and the fact that he still keeps doing those shows (despite his family in Britain, 3 star restaurants all over the world, international fame and, let's not forget, his apparent disappointment with the series) shows that he is mostly after one thing and one thing only: money. The piles. "Grab it while you can" seems the m.o. of Gordon Ramsey in the USA, "no matter what the cost". What a shame...

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