Why so many fans are angry at the series But I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT

Some reason why fans might be angry at this show.

1. Kahlan has green eyes

2. George cypher made richard memorize the book of shadows(in show kahlan brought book to richard)

3. George died by darken rahl in book. In show george died by one of rahls soldiers.

4. The little adventures they go on like finding the listener, going back to his homeland, or zedd being captured in episode named elixir NEVER happened in the book.

5. In identity shota the witch in identity does not come to richard he goes to the reach to her along with kahlan to help find one of the boxes of orden and thats where shota said he should not trust kahlan b/c of her power that time richard does not know kahlans power and zedd was at adie.

5. Adie shows up more in the book to help them not like in the show where we only see her once.

6. In the show when they went to chases house only chase and his wife was awake.

7. in the book shar asked kahlan to make her love her so shar could feel loved

8. in book when they were going to the boundary chase went with them and chase and zedd got injured richard and kahlan took them back to adie and stayed there for a third of the book.

9. In the book when richard got bitten by that snake plant and went to zedd where kahlan was at that time too got healed they stayed at zedd for like two or three days.

10. There was a cloud darken rahl sent to track him

11. zedd had a cat which they gave to one of chases daughters

12. richard and kahlan went through the boundary by themselves zedd was at adies along w/ chase healing it was like a whole half a chapter of them crossing the boundary

13. in the book denee was raped by darken rahls men and died in kahlans arms not by the arrow in the show.

like i said these are some reasons to give you and idea why some fans dislike the show but i truly LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this show I really do not care that there are so many things wrong with this show i do not see how anyone can not like this show seriously Kahlan is my favorite character and i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the actress (Bridget Regan) who plays her.

so everyone especially the fans who has problems of how they made the show or any other reason STOP HATING AND START APPRECIATING!!!!!!!!


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