what really should of happened.

i think i would of liked to see more of nate and jenny.

it only happened for 5mins of 2 episodes, and i think they looked cute.

and im glad that serena and dan broke up because it was getting boring but it annoyed me that he hooked up with the teacher, i want him to be lonely and then serena being in a serious relationship, but not one like her being in spain.

i dont know which one i like better

blair + nate


blair + chuck

i just want vanessa out, she just doesnt make sence in the story-line

i guess blair and chuck can go out for a bit because there was so much chasing in the previous episodes so i want that to pay off.

but i want blair and nate together, they are so cute together.

okk this is how i think this should be

blair + chuck

serena + that spain guy

dan + vanessa

jenny + nate.





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Apr 15, 2009 12:32PM EDT

I agree with u on the Nate-Jenny thing, but im kinda over it now..On the other hand i think Chair <3 should totaly be together, Blair and Nate just dont fit..Vanessa is ok to me, dont really care much for her..And the Serena-Dan thing im not really sure about xD


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Apr 17, 2009 7:50AM EDT

Nate and Jenny is a bad idea. I couldn't stand Jenny for a long time, but I thought she'd changed... That was until I watched Remains of the J. She seemed to just go back to her stupid ways and it pissed me off. I look at Nate and I don't think him and Jenny would make a good pair at all. They're both easily pushed into things.
I don't mind Blair and Nate getting together again, because in all honesty they have loose ends to tie up, since I felt their relationship ended without much closure. So it's blatently obvious they're only together because they're both confused and they're both comfortable with each other, and also them two being together reminds them of times when they were on track.
Serena and Dan are really boring now, I agree there. At least (hopefully) they've seen sense. Serena needs a new boy, so this new guy should do just fine for her, and the same goes for Dan, but by "new girl" I don't mean "Teacher".
Vanessa is the worst character on the show imo. Everything about her is just so snide. She talks about how everyone on the upper east side is so bitchy and selfish, when she's really no better at all. Example: When she looked at the note that Nate gave to Jenny. She should either go away for awhile, or get with some guy no one really cares about. (I personally am not too happy with Vanessa/Chuck at the moment, but whatever they need to do to get past Nate/Blair is fine by me.)
What I do want to see (although in my eyes, they've made this charade go on for too long) Is Chair, there's no doubt about that, and I know plenty of people agree. Blair happens to be the only thing that made Chuck want to change.

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