The best.... and the worst full length Manitoba made flick I have ever seen!

Yeah, easy to say since it was the ONLY full length Manitoba made flick I have ever seen! A few gliches I observed..... for one, grizzlies have not been in Manitoba for over 100 years (with the exception of the odd one spotted in northern Manitoba (very very very rare). In such a boreal setting as this film, the mosquitoes would have been MURDEROUS! I didn't see ONE. The girl, Lauren (actress Kate Todd) suffered from a concussion. She showed no sign of head trauma. She was able to exert force at times (I.E. pushing the Jeep). This would have caused her extreme pain and vertigo, at least. Her pupils (nice eyes, by the way) would have been unequal. Both remaining victims managed very well without food and especially water. The bear would have been so traumatized by the explosion of the Jeep, she would have high-tailed it to the deeper woods, no matter what the situation.

Being generous here.... seven out of 10.


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Jan 22, 2011 1:44AM EST

This film played on Bravo today (21 Jan/2011). The scenery was great but the storyline was completely implausable. The characters had NO supplies; crashed the Jeep ("rad is drained") but managed to restart the engine after adding a few bottles of water(and no damage to the front end); no plot development of the toxic wastes dump; the Jeep rolled down the quarry wall but was still driveable; the battery was strong enough to winch the Jeep back up the embankment (but couldn't restart); the one character attempted to run 15km to the gate in the heat with no food or water, but was able to crawl one kilometre back to the Jeep although grievously injured; the girl landed on the spikes of the bear trap, but was able to move about effortlessly afterwards; and so on , and so on...

While watching the film, it became laughable due to the inconsistencies and improbables. The plot COULD have been realistic, but the results suggest that the writers/directors had no bush experience at all! The actors deserved better!

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