The Vampire Diaries

After watching the first episode of The Vampire Diaries I was slightly disapointed. I'm a fan of both Tru Blood and Twilight and all things fantasy and dark. Tru Blood appeals to the adult in me and is refreshing, while Twilight brings out the teenage girl. Addictive is probably the best way to but it, they hook you one way or another.

But The Vampire Diaries was lacking something perhaps we needed a double episode or an extended episode to help give us more of a feel of the charactors and story, i think they tried to cram to much into one episode, over egar would be a better choice of words.

A more dramatic music score and less song music could help too (althought i loved the songs they choose i just feel they took away the dramatics of the show). I think some people will see The Vampire Diaries as an alternative to Tru Blood as it's more directed towards the tweens.

However I will be looking forward to next weeks epsiode as i love the books and the show does look promising. Good Hunting......


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