Excellent books, only a good TV show.

If I hadn't read the books I'd probably like the show better. The show does a better-than-average conversion from one medium to another but I keep envisioning how it could be sooo much better with minor tweaks here and there that bring out the nuances of the characters.

The books are very character driven with the characters evolving over time. It seems the TV writers are stuck in the mindset of most TV programs that nothing long term can change by the end of the show, and that's holding it back.

I find that the characters are lacking depth in the show. I keep catching things that were so telling and important in the books, (like the sword of truth turning white to kill Denna, or killing with it red affecting the wielder) that are glossed over in the TV series.


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Apr 19, 2009 12:56PM EDT

I agree, the only thing I feel that would really make just that bit better is some explanations and focus on Richard and the sword, with the rage he has to use etc. developing into the dance of death further down the line. I look forward to when he starts developing magic too.
That's what I would have liked to see and haven't so far, otherwise, I really enjoy it overall, and will be going back over the books because of it. Maybe buy a few more of them - as I really liked Faith of the Fallen, I keep re-reading that rather than the first few books over again.

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