Tim Kring's appology`

Save for the speeling errors I hope you all read and listen. I caught on the bbs wesite that Kring as given him an answer to falling viewers, Personally as a book reader, comic follower and movie fan, I love this show. The first series was a storie arc, the second series is as stands as well. the ppl who have fallen off are either falling to TVo or are benign.

Have faith in the writters. It's a serial, the pass ogf arc has been slow, yes, but with a real comic you must love the charachters and the thier pain and glory.

It's amazing, we expect writters to now create stories that can play over DVD series arcs, but to sit and tempt them out, we call tedium and boredum.

Flash bang wallop.

This has to be the best series on TV, grow some form of patients. You'll have you'r dvd in the end but untill then...



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