ANTM season 13 - was it the right person who won?

Let me start out with my own point of view..

I definitely think it was the right girl who won.

I just finish watching the finale show and I'm so happy :D..

I didn't thought Nicole would win, because of her akwardness, and because Laura is so much more american, as J alexander (with Nigel, I think) said; Laura appeals more to the american people and Nicole to the european..

And normally the judges from ANTM do not chuse the akward girl, must of the time they have chosen the girl who appeals most to the americans (with is okay, because it is america next topmodel)

I know, I'm putting a "=" sign between not akward and appealing to americains.. But my observations are that normally the girls who are akward, are the girls the judges can see as High fashion and appealing most to the europeans.

So I thought that Laura was going to win, eventhough I was cheering for Nicole.. So to be proven wrong, have made me very Happy..

Why Nicole?

I like this Season two finalist very much both.. As Tyra said, Laura is as beautifull outside as inside, and she really is. Which is good if you want a model spokeperson (as I guess Covergirl mostly wants)..

I love her personality, through the whole show, she was happy and positive, and not at all bitchy (If I remember correctly).. And she took some pretty picture..

But for me it was not Woaw! (Maybe because I'm european..heh) - Nicole's pictures were.

I like Nicole, her pictures has been amazing through the whole show. I can see her modeling in Europe, America, Highfashion ect. And she stands out, which I think is important.. (Laura is just another beauty face)

Because if you want to be a topmodel, it is not good enough only to be a topmodel in America (I know it is call Americas next topmodel, but I see it more as a topmodel who comes from America, maybe I see it wrong, but it's my point of view) If ANTM is a real topmodel she is also working in the european fashions shows - like Tyra, Gisele, Kate Mose.. And therefore as a real topmodel she has to appeal to both the american market and the european.. which I think Nicole does..

And I really like that they for once chose the akward girl.. I think Nicole is a good rolemodel for girls who feel akward..

Let me know what you think :)

Was it the right girl who won or should it had been Laura? and why do you think so.. ? :D

Peace out Jmeyer

(sorry my english, it's not my first language, I hope there is not to many mistakes)




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Nov 19, 2009 8:23PM EST

I was cheering for Nicole aswell. She's different and that's what makes a top model, at least in my eyes. Laura is really beautiful and I'm sure a lot more appealing to american public, that's why I believe she'll success anyway. But Nicole has what it takes to be on top, and that's what the show is supposed to be about, right? I adored Nicole since day one, so it makes me really happy she made it. Funny thing, I'm european too ;)


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Nov 20, 2009 7:20AM EST

I beg to differ, i really was cheering for Laura because not only is she beautiful, inside and out, she has personality, something Nicole lacks. I think they both shoot wonderfully, but Nicole's walk wasn't appealing at all to me, almost manly and Frankenstein-like. Either way, they'll both go on to success I'm sure, but for the show to be America's next top model, not Europe's top model, they should have chosen someone who represents the all American girl whose sweet and down to earth and radiates wholesomeness, versus the awkward, snobby one. IDK, i didnt like Teyona when she won either.(sp? you know the one who introduced the lash blast challenge) The girl just isnt very attractive, too much forehead and teeth IMHO lol

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Nov 20, 2009 8:45AM EST

Oh my good yeah, I really didn't like Teyona either, at all.. Allison was definitely my favorite in season 12.. the two times Teyona appeared in season 13, I keep thinking to my self, Damn why did she had to win??!!.. I don't find her pretty at all.. she has a different look, definitely (which I think is the only good thing) but it is too alien for me. Right now or a season ago, I think the alien look was 'in' on the runways around the world, the problem I think is, that this look isn't a very consistent look.. Anyway, I'm not the person to make myself wise on stof like that, I just now I didn't like her.. (you so right about the forehead and teeth, LOL)
I can understand your (SurfergirlB) point of view about wanting a girl who can appeal/ represent the all American girl..And I most agree that Laura did a good job there.. But as Rockstar_chick I also think it is about who can make it to the top.. It is the next topmodel they are trying to find, as I have pointed earlier.. And I think Nicole has the best chance there..
I don't find Nicole snobby at all, and I like her personality eventhough it was special and akward. I think there are girls in USA who she can represent (USA is a big country with a lot of different kinds of girls and personalities) Eventhough she isn't the stereotype of and all american girl. :)
As you guys, I also think they both will have a good chance to succeed in the fashion business..If Nicole is going to be a Topmodel, we just have to wait and see...:D (I hope)but Yet, none of the americans next topmodel winners had succeed to be a real Topmodel as Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Kate Moss and Giselle Bunchen....

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Dec 27, 2009 4:04PM EST

I disagree with those who think that Nicole has no personality. Just because she isn't bubbly or loud doesn't mean she lacks one. Her personality is definitely there, and it is extremely noticeable. The awkwardness by itself is a personality. She's an artist-- artists have the most present personalities! People who have no personality are usually people who reflect the personality of whoever they're with, people who don't know who they are themselves. And Nicole is the complete opposite! She is her own person and she endured it throughout the whole competition. Nicole is faithful to herself, and that shows strength.

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