Umm, haven't I seen this show?

While I do find this to be mildly entertaining, I can't help but point out the show Forever Knight. It was a show that aired for 3 seasons in the early 90's about a vampire that worked the late shift as a detective. The main character was named Nick (sound familiar?). He wanted to help people by being a detective, had a blonde female partner in the last season, a love interest (a medical examiner) who knows what he is, and not to mention, it originally aired on CBS. These are just a few examples of many other things. I just feel that CBS has decided to give the show another shot, without actually doing the show over. I plan on seeing a few more episodes of this, but it mostly just makes me want to watch my Forever Knight dvds. Anyone who enjoys this show, I highly recommend you check out Forever Knight. Just expect a little cheesiness since it is an early 90's show. New Amsterdam is also worth checking out if you liked this.


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Apr 27, 2008 12:37PM EDT

Even though I do love MOONLIGHT. I do remember and own Forever Knight seasons. Yes several similarities. But I do love the vampire genre. I think Moonlight just took it a step further. Made it more recent. Even with the cheesiness...LOL I LOVE Forever Knight.

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