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scrubs:my princess

i really liked this episode, but there is just one come dr. kelso is chief of medicine again? do you think it was just a mistake...?


| 14:29 EDT, 15 May, 2008
It was originally supposed to be episode 9 of series 7. Ironically, in ireland they DID air it as episode 9 therefore making 'My Waste of Time' the season finale. Which, if you ask me, was actually a better thing and that way they wouldn't have messed up the whole 'who's the chief of medicine now?' thing.
| 08:20 EDT, 12 May, 2008
That's exactly what i was thinking when i was watching it. I thought they'd screwed up the order.
| 08:39 EDT, 10 May, 2008
yeah you guys are probably right , but i couldnt enjoy it that much cos i kept tryin to figure out if id missed lke a huge part hahah
| 22:43 EDT, 09 May, 2008
it was probably just an unaired episode. either way, it was hilarious. i loved the costumes, especially the turla and hunchback one.
| 18:28 EDT, 09 May, 2008
either that or just a re-jumble of episodes to make the last in the season a good one.
| 18:10 EDT, 09 May, 2008
it was probably filmed pre strike an when they ran out of eps they just shoved it on!
| 10:23 EDT, 09 May, 2008
im not sure, they wouldnt make a mistake that huge sureley. probably because of the stupid writers strike that ruined most of my favourite american shows

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