As Time Rolls on

It's beginning to feel like this show is getting really bizarre.

I've always LOVED Grey's Anatomy, I have all the seasons on DVD and own most of the soundtracks.

But I'm just not feeling it as much these days.

I almost feel like the writers are running out of good ideas.

I feel horrible saying it, because I really do love the show.

I love the characters like they were my own friends.

Perhaps I'm just having a hard time moving on.

Like I'm stuck on the "good old days" when Christina had Burk and she could counteract Meredith's Derk stories with a story of her own while they went jogging or sat in the bathroom puking.

And I miss when Izzie and George were so close and often plopped into bed with Mer and ate ice cream off the same spoon.

I also miss Addison, but she didn't really have a place in the show anymore since Derek was done with her and she was done with McSteamy.

And what about Joe from the bar and his boyfriend? I can't wait to hear how things are with them.

Hopefully I'll be able to get more into things as the season moves along, I would hate to loose interest, because I know I would keep watching, interest or not.

So does anyone else think the show doesn't quite have the same spark?

Or am I just too "old fashion"?


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