Pushing it too far for prime time TV

Love Kate Walsh ... followed her from Gray's Anatomy. Great cast, terrific onscreen chemistry, however maybe just too much. This is a medical show that focuses more on the characters sex lives or lack of it than most PG-13 movies. The writers do well with the medical issues and have really explored above and beyond but, for a big fan at first, I am finding it affensive to have to watch Cooper and the doc sweating it out on the TV screen in my family room (where my 12 year old walks in and out), covering only the necessary parts of their bodies. My 14 year old daughter, who loves the cast too, finds it embarrassing to watch this show with her parents. I will no longer allow her to watch your show nor will I continue to watch either. Your writers/directors have just gone too far. Maybe they just lack creativity. The story lines will continually become more boring if all these 6 adults ever talk about or indulge in is their sex lives. Where is the creativty for what started out as one terrific show. Stick with all that great medical exploration. Sex should sometimes be intriguing. The intrigue of sexual encounters just doesn't exist in Private Practice. It's all so graphic. You so capture the epitome of men who think about sex every 7 seconds yet have your female cast members in the same category. Just too much for a prime time show. ... very disappointing considering the original build up and fabulous cast.


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