Murder on The Orient Jet; A review of "Bones" Season 4 Episode 10

Bones seems to have got its spark back with what can only be described as a wee gem of an episode. The introductory part before the credits seemed to be one of the longest I've encountered on the show but it was well worth it. The scenes between Bones and Booth were butterfly creating, and I loved the sort of old school mystery feel of it, it was kind of like Bones homage to murder on the orient express.

It feels like in this episode the show had its old energy back, the kind of fast paced bright energy of season 1. Even the shots of the lab seemed brighter, when in the past few episodes it's always felt kind of gloomy. I also have to add how good the overture was this episode, I think what I'm getting at is that the style of this episode; the music, the editing, the narrative and the cinematography all felt a little cinematic, not overly so but just a hint.

My favourite scene was when Bones was wearing the glasses and Booth asked her to act like a naughty librarian. Then he suddenly seemed to realize that he'd said it all out loud, the thing that made it funny was Bones naive wide eyes magnified by the old ladies specs, and her little try at his request once he'd left that was all very... sweet and slightly kinky!

I'm particularly happy that they haven't copped out of the lesbian story line, it's not that I'm glad that Angela and the Hodgepodge aren't back together, it's just that it's good to see at least some attempt at equality in sexuality representation.

I thought this was really a bumper bonus of Booth and Bones action, all those episodes were everything felt so distant and strained have been made up for by the love felt on that plane.

The absolute neediness of Big Seeley Booth were absolutely adorable, it seemed the altitude got to his brain as I've never seen him cling so badly to Bones. Also I liked the little jibe at the end where Bones says "Why does everyone think we're going to make out?" it was like the writers way of saying to us "it's not happening yet!" (The kissing I mean and I don't mean a puckish lawyer making them snog under the mistletoe...that was a cop out if ever I saw one.)

I actually found the storyline this week really interesting, for a long while I thought it was the dying woman, I really enjoyed the little murder boffin ladies they were good little characters to buff out the story. I think because everything happened in the one small place the episode was eaten up by traveling scenes also the fact it was against the clock made it all the more suspenseful.

Over all I think it was a top notch gem with a good story, some grin inducing moments of flirting between Bones and Booth and a mildly interesting story about Angela and her lesbian lover, which in my opinion seems a bit slow and sappy, but as I say is mildly interesting.

I can't wait for the next episode and I wonder if they'll ever go back to the thing about Zach not actually killing anyone?


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Nov 20, 2008 1:31AM EST

Great review! You said everything I was thinking and more. This really was a gem of an episode. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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