The Con man, the officer and the gentleman: A review of Bones Season 4 episode 9.

Firstly I'd like to say that I posted a review for last week's episode but it appears to have vanished so I may make some fleeting reference to some aspects I found to be enjoyable in episode 8, though I will make it clear which episode I'm talking about... rest assure though that the majority of this will be about episode 9.

I really need to say how confused I was by episode 9 of what is possibly my favourite TV show at the moment (not of all time, that gap is filled with some Brit classics) I really didn't get the attraction of Jared Booth... I know "Men in Uniforms... blah blah..." but no amount of white sailor suit can cover up a face like sin. That's cruel I know but the character and the actors website (I went to do a bit of research and found myself growling at the screen) really annoyed me and I don't think the story line about Bones falling for his crap was very realistic. It's Bones for goodness sake; the woman's a genius not some tottering fool in stilettos who believes everything a man tells her. The whole thing just didn't make sense; you had Booth in the opening talking about how he was going to do so well out of the Rico case proving Booths ambition is more than just a field agent. Then Jared tells Bones (With no evidence may I add) that Booth's a loser and she believes him... I think not, I was not happy... no sir.

That said and done I really enjoyed the episode, I prefer to watch something that really grinds my gears than watch something mundane and numb. Now on with the rest of the show, I love Clarke I think he's a really funny character, his asides are classic and really enjoyable. To me he represents the cynics, those who watch the show and see it as being too much of a soap in the work place. The disheartened things he say's when caught in the middle of a personal conversation are very similar to the things my dad says when I force him to watch Bones; He just can't understand how people who are in charge of law enforcement can be so flaky! I hope we get to see Clarke again; he's a good antidote to the sometimes overwhelming sweetness in the lab.

Last week we saw sweets and his scary lab lovers relationship come out in the open which I thought was a rather cute metaphor for what Bones and Booth should/could be, again in episode 9 we saw the husband and wife hold each other after the shooting and the way it was framed and edited again seemed to be a metaphoric example of how Bones and Booth should or could be if they would only take that step.

The crime story in this episode like last episode seemed more to be a canvas for the the characters to be painted onto, I didn't really pay attention or quite frankly care what happened with the dead guy's and the money. Though it has to be said that the state trooper at the beginning wanting to cry was really funny and made me giggle, I also giggled a lot at Angela and Hodgepodge's little "Bit" to Clarke when he first came back to the lab. This however was most definitely not a belly laugh episode, more of a tittering episode.

The Story of Booth and his evil and unattractive brother (I know the unattractive is unnecessary but I'm just so annoyed!) is an old one and one which I've seen many times before, especially in cop shows. I enjoyed it though; it gave a new dimension to Booth's character and gave us a little insight into why he is the way he is. It seems that this season is aiming to show us why the characters are the way they are, firstly with Angela's lesbianism and now with Booth's drunken daddy and annoyingly big faced brother (I really don't like the guy, have you noticed?) The episode was not the best but it wasn't awful, it was an introspective episode with very little plot development but at least we came out with characters that seemed a little more defined and rounded!


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Nov 13, 2008 4:51PM EST

And I know it's unnecessary to comment just to say that Brennan's nickname of Bones is spelled the same way as the name of the show, no apostrophe, just Bones, but I'm doing it anyways. C'est la vie.

Nov 13, 2008 8:41PM EST

Thanks for that Sophinee, my spell check seems to add an apostrophe to anything with an S at the end and while I try to rectify it I sometimes end up muddled, sorry about that!

Nov 14, 2008 4:32PM EST

i thought it was a good episode but i was dissappointed at the cop out with angeka getting back with her ex girlfriend then poof she's gone. many shows are too chicken to maintain a gay character because they think it will steer too much of the plotline. that aside good episode. i'm glad that we're digging into the characters lives more it makes it more interesting and introspective.

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Nov 16, 2008 9:25PM EST

Maybe it was me, but I got the impression that Angela's new girlfriend was going to continue making occasional appearances on the show, periodically, just not in every episode. I agree with you PhoenixJay, I hope they don't chicken out and keep her character in the wings.
and yeah, I did not see the attraction of Jared. He lookd thuggish. We were promised a hottie, and that guy was not good looking. He can't even compare to Booth.The ending made me think Bones and Booth are getting closer than ever... something that makes me very happy.

Nov 18, 2008 3:13PM EST

I TOTALLY agree! Jared was so not a hottie - not like Booth. I loved the end of the episode with Booth and Bones being really close and it just goes to show how gd they would be as a couple. Cant w8 till Max (Bone's dad) comes to work at the lab and asks Booth 'Are you sleeping with my daughter?' EEEEEK! Also cant w8 till Booth and Bones end up in bed together NAKED!!! as Bones producer has promised for this series.
Go on Booth u can do it just tell her how u feel! -u never know what could happen...

Default avatar cat
Nov 19, 2008 10:42PM EST

i must agree, jared was very eww to say the least, my bf and i watch the show, and when i saw the preview of episode 9, i was talking to him, and i was like "eww, booth's lil brother is ugly" lol my bf agreed when he saw the episode.but i thought booth's lil brother was going to be in the show a bit longer...thats what it seemed like to me anyways, until i saw the episode, but thats good, that way i dont hafta see him again with bones, even tho i know she is so over him, does anyone know when max is going to start working at the lab?

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