The Fringe of something great: (Episode 1 & 2 Spoilers)

After watching the first episode I knew for sure I would watch at least six more episodes, after the second I can happily admit that I plan to indulge in the whole season (unless of course the script takes a horrible turn for the worse or a cast member leaves and they have to do a quick head swap). Like the first five minutes of the pilot the first five minutes of episode 2 had me terrified, I don't know if it's because I'm a woman but the pain the evil super foetus was causing, made me clench my bum and wish never to give birth. Again it was beautifully put together with enough humour to dilute the sometimes overpowering tension of the piece. The professor although pitiable comes out with some of the most hilarious and mystifying statements. His blasà attitude to drugs is the best though.

Whether the tension is created by Olivia Dunham's anal retention or the fact many girl's life's depend on the mental professor Walter it is almost always palpable: With a few moments of "Oh that was just cheesy" thrown in. I have to say the sort of pairing and the way the crimes are presented are a sign that the father of this shiny new show was more than likely the X-Files. Mummy Dearest (J.J Abrams) Admits that he was somewhat inspired By Messrs Moulder and Scully but the X-Files was not really the inspiring factor: I hope there are others out there who can see the parallels! (I'm not saying it's a bad thing that there is an apparent link to the X Files, You gotta love the files.)

It seems I've been nit picking and although I find Agent Dunham a little anal and cold it doesn't mean she's not a liked character. I find her a very fascinating and amazingly written, I'm sure if I found out my lover and Partner was a villain I'd probably be a bit anal and chilly!

Prof Walter is wonderful and by far my favourite, he's like a genius child rather than an educated adult. And his son Peter...firstly he's hot... and a good character and well played...though at some precise moments a little bit of the Dawson's Creek Cheese comes out in Jackson's performance. (These moments are few but distinctive.) I loved the cliffy when we find out Peter has a medical history... I wonder if it's asthma. The end which could have been the very cheesiest of the cheese was actually well done and I found it really touching, row row row your boat..

The episode as a whole was a delight to watch and flew past; when it was over I wished it wasn't.


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