Superbly Gripping

What a stunning piece of television, I could go on for 3 pages about the 3D lettering introducing the viewer to the different settings. For some reason they just made each new place a little more exciting, viewing the helicopters through the Q in Iraq was something new and sent a little flutter through my TV geek heart. The fact the pilot was budgeted at 10mil is a sure sign that the producers and studio have as much faith in their new show as I do. I was slightly sceptical when I initially saw the trailer believing some writer was hanging onto the coat tails and success of the X-Files and Heroes; I can happily admit that I was very wrong. This was an amazing piece of television which had me gasping for air and shuddering with delight for a whole 81 minutes. For those sceptics among you put off by the Ex Dawson’s Creek star or the skinny blonde in the lead I urge you to watch and like me know that you were very wrong. The only down fall of this genetically modified gem is that it seems at times a little too far fetched, I know those of you reading this will be stating that this in fact is the point of sci-fi, I suppose the point I’m trying to drive at is that the realism and cop show feel are so well done that for about the first 30 or so minutes when it shifted gear to talk of teleportation and reanimation I did have to remind myself that it was in fact science fiction… but as I said this only lasted for the first 30 or so minutes. At the end of the episode I was in no doubt that this could be very real; the lack of transparency in the modern FBI providing a great back drop for a born conspiracy theorists little brain to work wonders. I say this pilot episode gets A very satisfied Five stars and I can only hope the makers and cast put as much effort into the rest of the season to make this show not the next X-Files but a hit in it's own right, so that in the distant future someone pitching a new television show can say "It's gonna be the next Fringe."


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