Featured Review of Episode 12 - The Double Trouble in the Panhandle

After spending literally hours trying to get online, I finally sat down to watch Episode 12 - The Double Trouble in the Panhandle with hair on end and temper flared; I can quite honestly say it soothed my mood. Although a bit too stupid at times I did really enjoy this episode, though the extent my mind could accept as reality was pushed to the limits. The storyline unlike others this season was far more pertinent to the episode in that I actually cared what had happened to the victims, the emphasis on Bones and Booths relationship seemed to slip back into a secondary role, where it's supposed to be. I think for a lot of the first half of this season we were too focused on the relationships of the characters and while this episode offered a lot of insight it also didn't drench you in it. I think with the introduction of Sweets as a main character and a constant commentator of the twos relationship the writers have found it all too easy to metaphorically describe Bones and Booths relationship. This episode while it had moments of this was selective in it and made those moments all the more special. I particularly enjoyed the comparison of Bones trust in the knife throwing act to her readiness for a sexual relationship with Booth. With the knives representing... we know (though at that moment I thought the clown nose looked more like one)

I was joyous to see the Return of Mr Nigel-Murray, he was in a show in the UK called the Grimleys, I loved it and to now see him on Bones is top notch. He offers the kind of geek ridden humour that we got from Zach or an early Sweets.

It wasn't exactly a bagging episode; it didn't grab one by the cajonies and say "We're back!" It was enjoyable, it was funny but it seemed to lack a spark which could be seen in episodes like"The passenger in the oven."I'm really not beating down on it, it's just I think with it been gone for so long, my expectations built and built and perhaps I expected just a little bit more from it.

The one big problem I suppose I had was the lack of ingenuity or creativeness when portraying the circus folk, it's kind of like the circus people I've seen in every TV show, yes they don't like outsiders and yes they're loyal to each other but it would have been nice to see a little more depth and texture to the supporting cast. It was almost formulaic, like the gentle strong man, the angry clowns, the tired ring leader and the swarthy dwarf are all time old characters and it seemed the makers of Bones brought nothing new to them.

I'm nit picking, I enjoyed the episode I truly did, it's more of a "Good but try harder" B+ than a C- I must add kudos for the Kings of Leon mention, I know they're big over in the USA just now but we in the UK have had them for years, and while they were headlining festivals in Britain they couldn't even sell out small venues in their home country...bit of a geek factoid for ya'll



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Jan 23, 2009 4:35PM EST

Did anyone notice Christy Carlson Romano in the audience??


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Jan 24, 2009 4:32PM EST

Even though I agree about the character relationship deal, I think they should've taken the bait with the whole one bed deal and used it a little more. Especially since in so many other episodes they put it in places where it's completely unnecessary and overdone. I agree about the lack of illustration on the circus characters I mean they went into stuff about the twins lives, but even in that case there was a severe shortage of characterization. I mean none of them ever even changed out of their respective "costumes" the strong man would've changed out of his spandex suit and the clowns would've taken their makeup off, just liked the ringleader and bones and booth.

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