Season 4 Premier Does not hit the bone!

As a die hard Bones fan I have been desperately waiting for the return of Booth and Bones (But mainly Booth). I was slightly disappointed by the season premier, but only slightly. It seems that when a series has been on long enough an obligatory London episode must occur, which means Americans giggling at the almost caricatured stereotypes of the English. The Locals in this London episode reminded me of the English people in family guy, with massive chins and a lot of pontificating. As a Scott this bothers me very little as it’s always good to have a laugh at the English, but to show a London so Upper class and with no site of a person who didn’t have porcelain skin and a chin wagger accent was very unrealistic, of all the cities in Britain London is by far the most multi cultural and this was in no way reflected in this episode. It wasn’t even a tourist’s version of the city, more like the Little London in Arrested development. The Chemistry between Bones and Booth which keeps the viewers viewing was as fiery as ever and kept me hooked for the 2 parter.

Although some online reviewers and bloggers have slated the Hodgkin’s and Angela break up I feel it really did sit well with their characters, they are impulsive people who have firm beliefs and principles and as we’ve seen in previous episodes neither of them has ever had much problem sticking to their principles. And if their principle is that if theirs no trust there can be no relationship then so be it. Sweets I have to say is an excellent character addition from last season and I’m glad they’ve decided to keep him in, his face alone makes me laugh especially when he does that thing were he grins and tilts his head down so that he looks a little manic! He provides a character for the audience; he sort of represents us, an outsider stuck in the Jeffersonian analysing the relationship between all the characters especially Booth and Bones and secretly hoping they’ll see the chemistry we all see!

I enjoyed this episode on a very superficial level but unlike previous episodes it did not move me, nor was I very interested in the crimes being investigated. I did however as always enjoy the dialogue and I feel it is really the back bone of this show and always manages to tickle my funny bone. I have a fear though… if Bones and Booth were to finally “Get it on� would our beloved Bones fall to the same fate as Moonlighting? I sincerely hope not, and I hope in the next few episodes we see our favourite forensic anthropologist and her ever Loyal FBI partner get knee deep in human remains with some inappropriate banter thrown in for good measure.


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Sep 13, 2008 3:18AM EDT

It's sad... but i would have to agree that the premier didn't live up to my "Bones" expectations from the past seasons... but now that i have had a chance to see Episode 3!!! wooop woop Bones is back and this episode lived up to my "Bones" that i know and love! Keep them coming!

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