This dog got her bone! (The finger in the nest spoilers)

The Bones that was previously rolling down that rambling hill has slammed on the breaks and is slowly reversing back to its peak, I hope. Episode four or is it three, IMDB has it listed as three as the first episode was a two parter... anyway the 3/4 episode of Bones did everything I hoped for, It showed the emotional ramification of Zack's departure on Hodgins and it showed him and Angela at least acknowledge that they'd gone through a horrible split.

In a weird way (and I may have read into this wrong) it may have shown Brennan dealing with Zack also... I'm having a Sweet's moment... When Brennan stands over the Ripley's grave she says "Ripley was a good dog, He didn't want to fight but he did it to please his master. He didn't want to attack a human being but he did it to please his master." Do we know any other misguided souls who attacked human beings to please their master? I know she's talking about a Dog and that Bones is never metaphorical but...if I were Sweets I'd say she's projecting her emotions about Zack onto a dog; then again Sweets did think Hodgins was the Gormagon killer.

Ok enough psychology mumbo jumbo!.

What an amazing episode, when I watched I felt at home like things were back in the swing, it didn't harm it that Bones had its very own Clarence the angel in this episode: Michael Badalucco (Jimmy from "The Practice") played Scott Starret Brennan's oldest intern and a literal jack of all trades he gave Hodgins perspective, Knew everything about everything and restored my faith in Bones with as a gentle smile and a soothing tone. (Don't ask me how he did it, he just did.)

Another great aspect of this show was seeing how Brennan who is usually un flinching in the face of death became emotional at the sight of the mass grave for dogs, how heart broken she was when she discovered Ripley had been put down and how Booth no matter how hard she tries to deny it has rubbed off on her. He may not have made her a people person yet but the second best is obviously a man's best friend person. I'm seeing a far more layered character (Which I was seeing before but not very clearly in the past few episodes)! It was an incredibly sad and wrenching episode especially when Bones showed Booth the Collar she's had made for Ripley, This episode however was also incredibly funny in fact far funnier than the previous 3. I could barely control my laughter when I heard sweets tell Booth about Parker being carried round by Stephanie like a monkey... mainly because I'm sure I used to do that to boys (I was tall for my age) but also because Sweets face makes anything funny.

The only thing that freaked me out a bit was the dog whisperer, I'm assuming he's some dude who Americans watch talking to dogs, I don't really know how famous he is so it's hard to gauge if they are scraping the barrel and it's really too late to go online hunting and figure him out so I'm holding my judgement, all I can say is when you've had a special guest on Like Stephen Fry It's hard to see it topped by a man who whispers and makes swooshy noises at dogs...Though he seems like a lovely man.

Anyway enough of my ramblings, people all is not lost it's getting better and I think... I hope it'll be all up from here. Enjoy the episode! I mean it really enjoy it!


Default avatar cat
Sep 18, 2008 12:20AM EDT

I totally agree, that was a great episode. It displayed emotion from both Bones and Hodgins and when Sweets talked to Booth about Parker, I couldn't stop laughing either. Best episode this season 5/5 stars

Default avatar cat
Sep 18, 2008 5:07PM EDT

i totally agree about parker. i love the emphasis on "like a monkey". this was definitely a great episode. they have all been getting kind of the same, and this was completely different in a way, which was really nice.

Default avatar cat
Sep 24, 2008 10:32AM EDT

ya they were getting a little repetitive. But they tried to keep it from being so repetitive by looking at the relationships in the show and Zachs being the assistant i guess to Gormogon and bringing in a new character each episode to try and fill Zachs position but naturally none of them could. I hope Angela and Hodgins get back together. Their relationship was pretty solid since it started. It's weird them not being together.

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