Prison Break 4.16 - The Sunshine State Recap 2


Cut to Self and Bagwell searching Tia's apartment. Self plans a T-Bag-supported coup. Back in the loft, Gretchen and Burrows share a "moment", to be interrupted by an empty-handed Self and T-Bag, declaring Self's new leadership. Just in the nick of time, however, Mahone enters. Self's back in his box, and Lincoln's happy again. Credit card details are leading the gang to a marina, where they hope Scylla may be. The marina operator denies knowing Tia. Pretending to be Homeland Security agents, Self and Mahone threaten the marina operator with closure if he doesn't inform. It turns out that he has seen Tia, and that the boat is just outside. The gang begin to search the passengers' luggage, but what's that? A runner? Must be Scylla, surely! Nope, it's just a guy on probation with 3 joints in a Red Bull can.

Sarah's at 5416 Grand Street, where a text message told her to be. A public phone rings, she goes to answer it. But uh oh, a big black van comes along and masked men force her inside. Never mind, it's only the General's daughter. She tells Sarah where Michael is to be found, setting us up for a miraculous escape later on in the episode.

At the marina, the operator threatens legal action, but a gun is pushed in his face, and he hands over the security tape. When they return to the loft, Gretchen's at the computer and looking shifty. We see the buyer on her screen, but she clears the photo as Lincoln approaches. What's going on here then? Oh, and we also find out that Bagwell's keeping a watchful eye over the crew for the General, telling him that Sarah's on the way to Michael's location.

We now see Gretchen, ,offering her services, and the elimination of opposition to the Scylla buyer. $10 million seems to be the going price, and the buyer now has Gretchen on his side.

At Michael's location, it's time for drug-induced transport. Scofield's not having it, and an improvised toilet chemical bomb quickly gives him control over the situation. Injecting the shrink, and handcuffing the guard to the bed, he leaves the house and runs.

Being chased by Company agents on quad bikes/ATV's, it's not looking great for Michael. As expected, however, Dr. Tancredi to the rescue! She runs the agents off the road, and takes Michael into her jeep.

Gretchen's set-up takes shape, as the whole gang are held at gunpoint buy the buyers. Wanting a normal life, however, Gretchen sees sense, shooting the buyer and his men, but getting shot herself in the process. Self insists that Burrows shoot her, but being convinced by Bagwell and Mahone, lets her live, to be picked up by the cops later (?)

For the penultimate scene, we return to Sarah and a visibly uneasy Michael, who tells his girlfriend that he thinks his mother is alive.

The episode ends back in Miami, for the biggest shock of all. Lincoln answer's the buyer's stolen phone, and declares revenge on whoever's at the other end of the line... It turns out to be his mother, leaving us hanging until the return in January.

In all, a good episode.

My rating: 7/10


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