Prison Break 4.16 - The Sunshine State Recap 1

As expected from a pre-hiatus episode, last night's Prison Break was packed with revelations, surprises and cliffhangers, leaving us in suspense for its return in January. OK, so maybe I'm being a bit generous. Much of what we saw was expected, but overall it was definitely one of the better episodes of this season so far.


We start with a phone call between Lincoln and Sarah, with him in Miami, and her in a Company hotel room. He confirms Sarah's fears that his plans are to work with the people he doesn't trust and return Scylla to the Company.

Michael wakes up in an isolated house in a forest, where a Company psychiatrist reveals what The General hinted at in the last episode - that Mrs. Scofield (or Burrows? I never really understood that properly - either way, it's the Brothers' Mother) is still alive, and actively working for the company.

Lincoln heads out to a club on a lead looking for the Scylla buyer. Here he meets some not-so-willing barmen, who he attacks looking for information. Eventually, "blondie" cracks and arranges a meeting with the buyer's girlfriend.

Back to Michael and the Psychiatrist, who explains that his mother left to protect her sons from death threats against him, and that she's working on a soil project in a rain forest. The shrink reveals that the real reason for their meeting is to recruit Michael to work with his mother and the Company. *Shock*

At the meeting place, Lincoln gets set up. He avoids getting shot, and leaves with Blondie's (Tia) wallet, leaving him with her driving license.

Sarah arrives at The General's office, offering to help with Michael's rehab. The General's not having it, however, saying that she'll have to wait for him to be released. More of Scofield and the Psychiatrist, where the psychiatrist is working hard on convincing Michael that his mother is, in fact still alive, and that she too was hesitant when she first joined the Company. They want Michael to help her in the management of her project.

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Dec 24, 2008 8:47AM EST

PB has become so lame I cannot enjoy it anymore

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