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Spartacus,I must say is jam packed with action, nudity, and drama. The portaryal of each character reminds me of how dark anyone could possibly be in today's society. The action itself seems to be a mix between 300, a fast paced movie that has a huge reliance on special effects, and Gladiator. Some people may believe that the writers of this show are not on tack, however, I believe that the writers of this show recognizes a real connection to society itslef. I'd hate to say it but if you don't believe that you can connect to this show, you might be out of tune with today's society as the show presents a littel bit of everything while bringing forth interest in many different aspects. ;)



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Feb 22, 2010 6:14AM EST

i agree.
I Like that they use the length of a series to show additional aspects of the peoples lifes that they couldn't fit into any movie before.
I really like how Dominus is portrayed. One one hand, he's the, from our point of view, immoral guy who lets slaves fight to their death for personal profit. On the other hand, he's the caring, husband who wants to assure an appropriate lifestyle to his wife and who cares about his slaves, as long as they respect him.
I think most of the main characters are very relatable. There are still some that didn't apear often enough to give us an insight in their personality, but those main-characters already are.
To me, it appears to become a really good series. it has the potential for it.
Probably those guys who don't like the series, are offended by the gladiator-dongs hanging around all the time... eventhough I wouldn't mind see their appearance reduced too... If i want to see one of those, i look down, not on my tv...


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Feb 23, 2010 9:20PM EST

I'm not really mad about the nudity. This show has enough of it to make a softcore porn. I'm pissed off about everything being CGI. I don't like that it is such a rip off of 300 but in a bad way. There is so many shots of fake boobs and CGI blood and wound that look like cartoon effects.

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