Jennifer Garner And Her Sister Get Their Ears Pierced Together

While her husband Ben Affleck looked after the new baby, Jennifer Garner and her older sister, Melissa, spent some quality time together in Santa Monica, CA, on Tuesday, January 27th, 2009.

One of the things the look-alike sisters did during their day out was take a trip to a local medical center - not for a post-baby check-up, but to do something their parents had banned them from doing as teenagers. Around twenty years after most girls (including their younger sister, Susannah) get around to it, Jennifer and Melissa both had their ears pierced!

All seemed perfectly normal as the two sisters walked into the center, and neither of them was wearing any earrings. Many onlookers and photographers watching the sisters enter the building assumed that Jennifer was going for a routine post-baby check-up. However, when they emerged a short while later, the sharper-eyed among the onlookers noticed that both were sporting tiny gold studs in their freshly-pierced ears.

Not having their ears pierced was one of the many rules set for the three Garner sisters by their parents while they were teenagers, although younger sister Susannah flouted that rule and had her ears pierced when she was 14. Because Jennifer didn't have pierced ears while working on the show, the Alias costume department often had to spend considerable time having earrings specially converted into clip-ons for Jennifer to wear.


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