Of Course There Will Be More Air Benders

People Complain About How There Will Be No Airbenders After Aang Dies.

Did You Ever Stop and think that although there are no trained airbenders there are people with the potential to become Airbenders, who only need to Be Trained?

I Have To Also Say That I Love This Show!!! Its Awesome!!!!

But The Movie Will Be Terrible!!! I Mean Dev Patel as Zuko??!!!??!!!

Thats Just Awfull!!!!!



Jun 6, 2009 1:32AM EDT

You're right, Dave Patel as Zuko is a very bad thing on itself, I think that there should have been casting instead of choosing 'cause that turned to be bad. And yeah, sure, there will be more airbenders, if the creators decide to extend the show (which I doubt, but would love), they would find a way to stick more airbenders in order to keep a sequence to the whole storyline of the Avatars. SO GO AANG!

Default avatar cat
Aug 2, 2009 3:08PM EDT

and the thing you have to remember is that the monks didn't marry, etc. so the airbenders they trained are not their own children but kids brought in/recruited from other places who had the ability to air bend.

Apr 19, 2010 12:16AM EDT

Though, I agree that continuation of the story afterwards is a little difficult, it is not impossible. Given the way the world seems to be set up and the fact that the avatar can talk to past avatars it is not impossible for the next avatar to learn airbending. Also, we saw pockets of benders that didn't necessarily 'belong' to a nation that were able to bend: i.e. the water bender in the earth nation that lived in swamps. Finally, if Aang and Katara had kids they might be airbenders as well....

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