Supernatural's Fitting Farewell

It had to end this way, you understand that, right? Supernatural, despite its false reputation as another teen drama on the CW, has rarely dumbed itself down and delivered something that felt out of place in its season enders.

Show creator Eric Kripke's vision of Supernatural ran for five seasons and five seasons only, and Thursday's episode, "Swan Song" sure felt like a series finale even though the show will live to see Season 6 (although it will do so without Kripke, who will hand over the title of showrunner to executive producer Sera Gamble).

We always knew the apocalypse was coming, and that Sam and Dean would have to make great sacrifices to prevent Lucifer from walking the Earth and making us all his bitch. And that's what we got: Sam was headed for a pit in Hell to endure the worst thing imaginable for eternity, and Dean—his job done and brother lost—was off to live the "good" life, even though he'd always be haunted by the knowledge of what went down in that cemetery in Kansas.

That is, until a few major events spun everything on its head.

Kripke, speaking through his own vessel in prophet Chuck, acknowledged that while any moron can start a story, it takes a lot more effort to end one. Kripke also understands that endings can never satisfy everyone, and there's no doubt that some fans will have their issues with "Swan Song." But what Kripke did splendidly was leave much of what really happened open to interpretation, resulting in a beautiful final moment for Supernatural and one of the most satisfying season/series finales in recent memory.

In the climax of "Swan Song," Sam said "yes" to Lucifer, allowing the Prince of the Netherworld to take his body with the hopes of retaking control and swan-diving into Lucifer's lock box, imprisoning Satan in Hell until some other nitwits accidentally set him free again. Things didn't go according to plan (understatement of the year), and Cas was blown to angel bits, Bobby had his neck snapped, and Dean ended up with a face full of LuSamfer's fist. (Side note: I was barely able to even watch Jensen Ackles' Elephant Man face—horrifying!)

But what happened next was beautiful: Somewhere deep inside Lucifer, Sam began to take control, and we were treated to a spectacular montage of Sam and Dean through the years. Sam ultimately wrestled back control of his body, opened the gate to Lucifer's prison, and was about to jump for it when the archangel Michael returned, ready to fight his brother to the death. Instead, they both hurtled into Hell, the chasm closed, and Dean was left alone for a very uncomfortable moment.

Sam and Dean's relationship is eerily similar, on several levels, to Lucifer and Michael's, but there are key differences that set them apart. Lucifer and Sam were both cast away (or cast themselves away) and had a troubled relationship with their fathers. Dean and Michael were eternally loyal to their fathers, possibly to a fault. But while Michael recognized that his brother had become something of a monster and wanted to destroy him, Dean saw Sam's strange powers and demon-blood-drinking addiction and stuck with him to the bitter end, doing all he could. Ahhh, humans.

Ever since the Winchester brothers were pegged as the vessels for Lucifer and Michael, I've been dying to see how things would end up. And I'm glad Supernatural didn't take the wimpy way out.

Kripke has always said the show is really about these two brothers and little more, and through tear-soaked eyes we were reminded of that via the multiple montages, which relived the good and bad from the past five seasons. Even with the fate of the world hanging in the balance, my heart was going out to these two brothers whose long road came to an end with gut-wrenching choices.


May 16, 2010 3:32PM EDT

Couldn’t have said it better myself, i still can’t get over the fact that it’s over I’m gunna miss this show I really liked the mythology that Kripke created or edited and I was flabbergasted to see that chuck was actually god or something like it at least that’s what I thought what do you guys think?

May 16, 2010 7:32PM EDT

I agree with the fact that I thought Chuck was God as soon as he disappeared, he was the last person I thought it could be but I did have a inkling that God was someone they knew or at least had contact with throughout the five seasons.

Default avatar cat
May 17, 2010 1:40AM EDT

The only thing I didn't like about the episode was the way Sam pulled Michael in. He barely even gripped him, almost like all he had to do was take the cuff of his shirt. The mightiest archangel, basically defeated in a way that looked as if he merely tripped.

May 17, 2010 5:41AM EDT

I just saw the "final" episode and feel surprisingly satisfied. Actually want to watch all the season again to see if I missed anything or just to bring back memories.I do like the sneak opening to Season 6, hell I think we will all watch at least the first episode right?!
I can't really see Dean taking the easy lane, white fence gig for long. Not if he knows his brother is somewhere on Earth. I also liked the fact that Kaz came back. I gotten to like that character and hope we see him more.
As for chuck being God.. he was wearing a white shirt and was a bit more cleaned up by the end of the episode then at the beginning. Not sure if God would be drinking scotch.. but why the hell not..Chuck did know where the final battle would be so that would be an indication that he is well connected. But plenty of theories on that I'll bet.
.. it feels like a goodbye writing this for some reason...

May 18, 2010 4:11PM EDT

so 6th season is coming? :D
i kinda liked the ending but i don't get how chuck can be the god.. didn't dean have the neckless what was suppose to burn hot in presents of god? he gave it away after he met chuck.. soo it's kinda confusing but will see :)

May 20, 2010 4:49AM EDT

Though the season 5 finale satisfied all expectations, I am more than elated to know that the series will return this fall for another. Yes, I will watch the first episode off season six as well as all the others that follow. As long as the original cast is on board with it, I don't see how Supernatural can go wrong. In my opinion, Supernatural is one of few series I find to be original and engaging. I just hope the writers for season six really bring it all to the table. If the Winchesters are willing to keep fighting the fight, I think we fans are more than happy to tune in each week and watch.As for Chuck being God, not so sure about that one... Perhaps?

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