What a Vile disgusting Excuse for a Mother he had

All I can say is I have never in my 41 years seen a more Repugnant vile excuse for a parent as his controlling ugly stain of an individual - His so called Mother, as for his father evidently the male role model he has based himself upon they are equally as whipped and weak doormats. The 3 of them literally mad me sick to my stomach with a mixture of utter disgust, contempt & anger (I only wish I could get 10 minutes in a room with them especially the pinched face witch I would tell her how it is , then throw a bucket of water over her and watch the old witch melt into the floor ! UNHEALTHLY verging on appearing insest. Courtney had a very lucky escape, he was batting way above his average anyway she is premier league as for him bottom of division 3 and that is being generous ! WHO WOULD WANT SOME Spineless weak wimp for a husband as he would make. She deserves far better than that and now has the chance to find it without divorce proceedings first.



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