A Waste of 4 hours of my life can never regain

Not in same calibre of quality as the ITV Drama's, found the storyline boring, predictable & in terms of the characters particularly the POLICE Dectectives (Good & Bad) they didnt have any believable intelligence specifically loglcal/lateral thinking of any level for supposed high ranking police officers of major case departments .... let alone pull of the murder of a policewoman and a corruption ring working on drug deals of a million pound !!!!

Made the KEYSTONE COPS look as proficent in solving crime & criminal apprehension equalling COLUMBO meets Law & Order (Criminal Intent)'s Goren's love child......

Never mind one step ahead in possible senario's that may arise they were 3 steps behind each other.... after suffering each hour of the 4 episode drama in the hopes it would conclude with an outcome that would justify the means ... sadly I was mistaken.... the ending was worse than possibly imagined and was not just brain cell numbingly bad as the rest of the show but left frustrated, baffled as who as the BBC thought the writers of this drame had provided prime time viewing slots for 4 days .... should be subjected to having to watch it over an over on loop until they see the error of their judgment !!!! Only positive can think of was Douglas Henshell whom is a fine british actor must have taken the role as a favour to a friend and if was not for starring this actor I personally would not have returned to watch episode 2, 3 or 4. So thanks for that Douglas !!!???!!! :-\

Just my opinion;..... Y'all judge for yourselves as as rightly entirely to own .


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