BEST BBC Comedy since the Office

Outstanding well written & acted with real comedy throughout & some real touching emotional moments at times . Has to be for me the BEST show the BBC have ever aired, any genre any time and am already counting down till next season 3...... More episodes per season would be awesome too . BBC Executives here is a viewer tip for you when you have this quality of a show don;t hide it away on BBC2 but instead give it BBC1 prime time 9pm slot on a friday or saturday night, This show could go all the way and be so huge, bigger than the OFFICE or ROYAL FAMILY together and I love both those shows so I am not saying it lightly.

For those no clue of the basis of the show think a very camp " The Royal Family meets Glee"

with real life , relating comic humour covering some powerful topics with the right mix of class & emotion making touching message & the cast some known & some newbies are all very talented and great character choices.

Real life Simon I think You rock fella !


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