Prison Break 4x23&24 The Final Break!!!

And, yes, Michael is back from the grave! :)

The episode starts on the beach of Florida, Michael and Sarah finally celebrating their weding... (after sooo much adventure, finally they pull it out!) and ... Police shows up :) takes Sarah to prison for the murder of Michael's mother.

In the mean time, Alexander Mahone is under evaluation process by the Federal Bureau's committee.

Will Alexander M. be fed' again after all what happened?

Will Michael and Linc manage to break Sarah out of jail before she gets killed with her unborn baby?

episode incoming !



Large 85 wolf
May 26, 2009 3:53PM EDT

Loved it. :) Was kinda annoyed with the "first final" but that was perfect for me. And those final words turned the wheel from being a show that started great to be a big disappointment in the end to being a show that started great to finish perfect (with a "little" low in the middle ;).
We're free now... Finally. We're free.

May 26, 2009 4:33PM EDT

We're free. it was so awsome

Default avatar cat
May 26, 2009 6:02PM EDT

It was ok, unnecessary but ok. I thought it played out like much of the final two seasons, which is that the plot was a little far-fetched. After all they did, and all of them, including Sarah, being exonorated, they would never come back at them and try to put Sarah in prison. It just would not happen. The whole group would be protected as high up as you can possibly be protected. One call and the President would personally come down and walk Sarah out of the prison, for them bringing down the company. So in that respect the plot was a stretched a little thin for me. But if you put that glaring hole in the story out of your mind, then it was not a bad ending, the final made it seem like Michael died from the brian tumor, so atleast they showed how it actually happend, and the video at the end was a good way to wrap it up. But logically speaking, it was a poorly written plot.

Default avatar cat
May 26, 2009 8:03PM EDT

I agree, the final final ep was stretched thin. I would have like a happy ending, with Michael dying offscreen somewhere down the line, like ep 23 was great. Ep 24 was just needless crap to try to work in the womens "Prison Break" Fox wants to throw at us (ugh).

Default avatar cat
May 26, 2009 9:48PM EDT

Just what in God's name are you guys talking about ? You made me retrieve my password just to comment on this. That last episode was an absolute delight to the fans. We appreciate the thoughts that went into the show. The writers, actors, actresses and everyone else behind the show did an absolutely fantastic job. It is so sad the show has ended. I personally would not hesistate to rate this show well above heroes and of course, 24 (which was disappointingly compromised - those in the know knows what I mean)...
OK, the plot was dramatic, but much less far fetched as either of the shows aforementioned. If you want real, just look at the paint on your ceiling, and write a review about that on your wall.
You two "reviewers" should have been shot.

Default avatar cat
May 27, 2009 12:04AM EDT

Good finale, would of like the season to end at 23 though, I thought the mystery around his death was much more interesting then what really happened. All in all, good finale, good season, good series. PB4E!!

May 27, 2009 8:26AM EDT

"We spend so much of our lives, not saying things we wanna say, the things we should say." ----ScofieldThat was fkin epic! ;D

Default avatar cat
May 27, 2009 2:19PM EDT

Superb..back to it's roots, Prison Break. Wasn't happy of the first "Finale", this one was superb, with a perfect ending. :)

May 27, 2009 2:37PM EDT

I really do not understand!!! I swear Michael had another nose bleed and died at the end of the last episode.. how is he still alive to marry her? or is this going back in time...

Default avatar cat
May 27, 2009 3:27PM EDT

This was supposed to take place inbetween the last few minutes of the first finale. After they all got exonerated. but before Sarah, Linc, and Mahone visited Michael's grave.
As for Comemedia709394's comments, you obviously know absolutely nothing about continuity of a story. Because if you did you would easily see how far fetched it is to have Sarah be arrested and put in jail after being exonerated. For one, they just saved the country and maybe the world by bringing down The Company, they are going to be considered untouchable after that.
Plus to have her being arrested for killing Christina is a joke because that means that all of this information about a The Company, a secret organization embedded inside government, would have to be made public. There would be no one that would want that too happend. So this plot was very very very very far fetched that did not stay true to their original storyline. I guarentee that if they were given an extra season, this story about Sarah in prison would have been what the season was about, so they already had this cooked up but when they didnt get another season they just cramed it into a two hour movie but it did not fit the story with how they ended the series. They all were exonerated for their past crimes, this would include Sarah killing Christina because it happend before they were all exonerated, otherwise I guess you are saying this isnt going to be the final final and we are going to see another one where Linc is convicted of killing Christina's guards, because they have to have that on tape outside the bank dont they? It just does not make any sense to do that.
As I said, this was ok but wildy unneccessary. The writers did not have the continuity of the show in mind when they wrote this script. But again, if you put that giant hole in the plot out of your mind, it was an ok ending, the video at the end saved an otherwise shakey finale.

Default avatar cat
May 27, 2009 6:27PM EDT

I thought finale episodes were amazing as was the Movie.
ak10: You are clearly an idiot. They explained why Sarah was arrested. She was caught on tape doing it, there was no proof of self-defense, the Company was not revealed to the public (as you mentioned), but that also meant that the identity of Christina would not be released. The tape however was released and it showed her killing Christina. Also, Link killing the guards would be on a tape, but he so would have the people shooting at him. Much easier for the government to say that it was out of self-defense.
Also, the movie was NOT the finale, what was aired on tv was the finale. There were so many plots twists, putting people back into the characters they were back at the beginning of the series (Ex: the General just wanting people to suffer, T-Bag backstabbing, Malone being a d*ck, etc etc). Also, Micheal planned everything perfectly again. I think that the this movie was fantastic and was a way of showing where all the characters originally came from. The televised season finale had to be a continuation of what was aired the week before.

Default avatar cat
May 27, 2009 6:37PM EDT

To AK10 (feeling angry the show is over, I am going to take it out on you...)
I simply cannot believe this. I mean, why do you post your comments ? Really... Why ?
I think you either work for sidereel and your boss has asked you to provoke the audience into a frenzy by writing the most foolish reviews ever, or that you are a 5 year old chimp tapping random keys on the keyboard, or both.
OK, I'll try to tone it down a little so that you may understand.
"It's's not real.."
Aha !
"So, you could get arrested after being exhonourated for all previous crimes ?"
"Yes...infact, in real life, you could get arrested, tortured and detained without evidence or charge under the new patriot act."
"but but but, they said she was arrested on the charge of killing Christina."
"They could have said anything, it's not real, the writers decides what the actors say."
"The writers should have wrote a more realistic storyline, it's too far fetch..."
"At which point did you think it was too far fetched ? Was it when they broke out of the second prison ? or the third ? "
May be they shouldn't have broken out of any prison at all, so the show could be dubbed "prison sit" and not "prison break" !
Go review "Heroes", all sorts of madness there...

Default avatar cat
May 27, 2009 10:33PM EDT

Gretchen was shot in miami wasn't she??? Isn't fox river a mens prison? They were all convicted in miami hence they were all charged in miami but then agian i'm not from the US so i don't know how they system works.

Default avatar cat
May 27, 2009 10:34PM EDT

soz about the typos its 3am here :s

Default avatar cat
May 27, 2009 10:57PM EDT

This is not a science ficton show, it is supposed to be based in reality, so as such, the writers, at least good writers, would have their show based in reality. You can have far fetched shows and still do it in a way that does not break the rules that you setup for your shows universe. Take Lost, easily one of the best shows ever written, and why is that, cause their stories have continuity and do not break their own rules. Prison break by and large began as a good plot that got twisted and stretched out over too many seasons, which made the writers come up with plots, like DB Copper's money, which dont make a whole lot of sense with the overall plot. However, even those things can be overlooked and forgiven cause they didnt mess with the overall continuity of their show.

Fritize said that they explained that Sarah was arrested for killing Christina and that there was a video showing her shooting her but not out of self defense. Congratulations. There would be due process where Sarah would get a lawyer they would go to court, and all of the information about the company would be made public. So that is not something that the US government, who would have to try Sarah, would want getting out. The US government, meaning the ones who gave them their pardons, knew exactly who Christina is and what the Company was, so as they were exonerated after Sarah killed Christina, the government would know she was dead, know who she was within The Company, and then have exonerated them for all of this. It is just lazy writing in my opinion and a little insulting to the audiences intelligence to present this as possible, in the world in which they created for the show.

Continuity of a story, is one of the most important things in any show, if things happen out of sequence, or things happen that simply could not, based on the shows own set of rules, then the continuity is lost. As I said, you could tell that if they were given a new season, this Sarah being arrested for murder thing would have been what the new season was about and would have made more sense, but after the US government issues them a pardon, meaning all your past crimes are wiped clean, like double jepeordy, they can not come back and try to charge you for a crime you have already been cleared of. Those are the rules for the universe that this show existed.

It isnt a big deal, the original great plot of the show ran its course after the second season, after that the writers were just trying to hold on and stretch it out for as long as they could, but good writing can not break their its own rules, and they broke their own rules with this finale movie. And all of them ending up in the same prison, again, another thing that breaks the rules, T-bag would have been sent back to fox river, as that was the prison he escaped from, and the general would have been sent to a federal government facility elsewhere. A wild coincidence that is just another one of the things that break the shows continuity. Just poorly written. Sorry if you do not agree, but it is a fact.

Default avatar cat
May 29, 2009 2:37PM EDT

Calm down guys - it is just a show. In my view, great overall (the last season saved by the penultimate and last episodes) albeit not being something to shout about in the middle. Give it some credit - after all is said and done, the original idea is refreshing after all.
Watch it, enjoy it (or not) and come on, let's move on already.

Default avatar cat
May 29, 2009 7:14PM EDT

ak10, i agree with u! but even if the continuity of the show got lost, i love the final!

Default avatar cat
May 30, 2009 12:35PM EDT

The final episode was great. I finished 23rd ep crying. No matter what the world says about it, i would love to see more of Went on PB!! Please more of this episodes!

Default avatar cat
May 30, 2009 8:00PM EDT

I liked the way, that they made the last 2 episodes.. It was kind of cool seeing Sarah in prison, but most important - the Movie had the same "soul" so to speak as season 1. The season that we all love, because it's the best one! Afterwards I couldn't help thinking, that if PB season 1 was a beer, then the movie was a vodkashot... Hahahah :)
Anyways.. The show was fantastic!No matter what - I wish to say thank you to the people behind it.

Default avatar cat
May 31, 2009 9:49AM EDT

OK...well! but when is True Blood season 2 starting ??????

Large good to be queen
Jun 3, 2009 2:00PM EDT

"Fritize said that they explained that Sarah was arrested for killing Christina and that there was a video showing her shooting her but not out of self defense. Congratulations. There would be due process where Sarah would get a lawyer they would go to court, and all of the information about the company would be made public. So that is not something that the US government, who would have to try Sarah, would want getting out."
This is why they were having her killed before she got her day in court. It would never be made public, really, because they don't have trials for dead defendants.
That aside, they obviously did get some of it out, since the General woudn't have had his day in court before he was executed.

Default avatar cat
Jun 3, 2009 7:07PM EDT

Your wrong about that tvqueen because the general, who ordered sarah to be killed, didnt even know she was there for a while. She was arrested by the US government, not the company. The US government, who would not want the company to be made public, were not trying to kill Sarah, the general was. So your argument doesnt make any sense. The government would have had to arrest someone knowing they would get their day in court and it would all be made public. That is were it doesnt make any sense.
The general, would not have been left in a regular prison for any extended period of time, as michael and sarah were already out of the country for a while before sarah ever got arrested, so that means the general would have been left in the miami prison before she ever arrived, which would not happen. He would have been arrested as a war criminal and taken to Gitmo or some other serious government facility, so him being there at all also didnt make any realistic sense.

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