Phenomenal finale!!!

AWESOME!!! I'm totally stunned! I think this finale was even better than the midseason finale!


Especially because they actually didn't win the regionals which would have been too cheesy after all.

The song selection was awesome and the way they coordinated Quinn giving birth with Bohemian Rhapsody could not have been better! Josh Groban and Olivia Newton John guest starring - I loved it!

And then Sue...I don't even know where to begin - I just LOVE her character. As a member of the jury she was so determined to crush the glee club and then...the contrary all the way!

Because she was actually humiliated by the other jurors as some kind of "wanna-be-celebrity" who would soon be forgotten like the kids of her school she actually took sides with them and voted in favor of them.

That is the ONLY reason why she did that. Why she had the glee club reinstalled at the end has another reason - we've seen a softer side of Sue again (like some other times this season): she couldn't bring herself to crush these kids...AND she would miss the constant fighting with Will ;)

As for Rachel's mom adopting Quinn's babygirl - I did not like it that much. The whole storyline wasn't really developed. Quinn's character changed a lot over the course of the season and I don't think it's really believable that she would let go of her child THAT easily. I mean I didn't think she would keep it, but I would have thought her to be more sad and struggeling about the decision to give up the baby. And Rachel's mom adopting the little girl - I saw that coming when Rachel told her about Quinn having her baby but I can't help but not like it. It seems kinda out of the blue!

However I liked how they left some cliffhangers about the relationships of Will and Emma and (in some way) also of Finn and Rachel.

Overall a great season finale! Can't wait for next season!


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