new epesoid today.....sad. booth is..well could be....sould be dead. next monday i'll find out and tell you too.if he is of the show i will not wacth it any more.:(


Default avatar cat
May 13, 2008 4:05PM EDT

It won't be the same without him!Maybe if he goes in a coma for a bit or something, Temperance will realize how she feels about him and those two will get together? =)

Default avatar cat
May 13, 2008 4:06PM EDT

seriously could they really kill off the 2nd main character and continue the show.... personally i think no one would watch it if they did...... it was bad enough when they got rid of dr zak adey, booth may be out of a few episodes whilst hes recovering but i cant see how they can kill him and expect us the loyal viewers to continue watching after only 3 series the shows still young ffs lol i mean look at CSI:LV still going strong after 8 series and doing a ninth..

Default avatar cat
May 13, 2008 4:07PM EDT

oh and by "got rid of zak" i mean shipped him off to Iraq then brought him back :D :D

Default avatar cat
May 13, 2008 5:25PM EDT

They wouldn't do that to us.I'd stop watching.They won't.Or I could just be in denial ;)

Large 1323446677 14042011110
May 13, 2008 5:32PM EDT

kriss - how much have you had to drink man? You seem very emotional. Here, let me put my arm around your shoulders and give you a hug! Booth won't be dead! Don't worry! Brennan will just let him suck her arm and then the bullet will pop out.....Sorry, wrong show.Seriously, he'll be fine - they're talking about him and Brennan kissing in season 4!

Default avatar cat
May 13, 2008 8:33PM EDT

fudgefase you're hilarious... love buffyverse call backs

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May 14, 2008 1:10AM EDT

Crazy episode...I dont think he will die though.....maybe whilst being in the hospital recovering bones will realize her true feeling towards booth.....truthfully though if he did die and was no longer on the show i could easily say i would no longer watch......cant wait till next week

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May 14, 2008 1:11AM EDT

btw...that was pretty awesome when bones picked up the gun and shot fat pam in the throat

May 14, 2008 6:54AM EDT

OMG! What an ep... he cant die.. it wouldnt be right. No No NOO I wont let it happen lol!Sooo long til next ep :(

Default avatar cat
May 14, 2008 9:42AM EDT

he wont be dead, the next episode description says nothin about his death, so he will just be recoverin. also booth got shot in the stomack and the leg in one episod(mummy in the maze) and was fine in the next! i think it was just suppost to be a breath taking ending....which certainly succeded! lol

Large 1389062472 img 0117
May 14, 2008 11:47AM EDT

Same thoughts here... Booth just can't die, remember when he saved Brennan from that other FBI agent? When Booth was hospitalized Brennan took a peek at his file and found out bout his multiple injuries... one was common to shielding someone... guess that happened again here. One more heroic for Booth, you just gotta love him... He'll bounce back, anyway, he's got to arrest Gormogon, my bet is that we gona see him next episode out of the hospital because of that case.

Default avatar cat
May 14, 2008 3:49PM EDT

i really thank you for commenting. and i argee with all of a matter of fact of if their was a driffient acter playing booth i whould neaver have even wacth bones.jest the possibly that booth could be gone scares me.that day i was so suprised i ran out of air.i was gasping for air.but i only did that so i whould not

May 15, 2008 3:42AM EDT

If he is HAS left the show... that's one step closer to bringing "ANGEL" back!!!!

Default avatar cat
May 17, 2008 3:35AM EDT

yeah my ni99a booth staying he doesnt die n dats good dats da best move they can make cuz if not da show rading would had gone crazy low i tell u thiz someone else will die!!!! yeah i would like to see some more angel episodes i didnt liked how it ended it waz there & there

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May 17, 2008 11:34PM EDT

Ever heard of spoilers? If you are going to reveal what happens right at the end of a programme, you really ought to warn people. Or do you take pleasure in ruining the viewing pleasure for everyone else once you have watched a show? If you care about others' enjoyment of this show, please edit your discussion and put a spoiler warning in.

Default avatar cat
May 18, 2008 12:51AM EDT

i only got one thing to say and here it iz SHUT UP i do wat i want is my keyboard n my computer Ahole i hope u miss the show on tv n when you come here to watch it when it airs u get a viruse right before it starts u freaking pus*y

Default avatar cat
May 18, 2008 10:26AM EDT

i'd really hate it if booth died...he and bones haven;t even hooked up yet...bummer...='(

Large 1389062472 img 0117
May 18, 2008 7:59PM EDT

Hallber... u should just watch the episodes before u read any comments like this u know wat happens with ur own eyes without reading it before hand...Makes no sense to come discuss how pissed u were for reading comments about episodes before actually watching them.

Default avatar cat
May 18, 2008 8:31PM EDT

lol lmao thanx u i should had said something like that ;) i hope we all get wat we want from the show excepted mr.hallber di*khead

Default avatar cat
May 19, 2008 4:53AM EDT

double--a - I have watched the episode. I watched it before I came here. The point is, others may not have watched. And my gripe is why put it in the the bit of the comments that people cannot avoid looking at when they come here to view a show. As for venom548, I am a not a guy. As for the juvenile name calling, I wonder who is looking like the bigger d*ckhead here? The person who is ruining viewing enjoyment for others or me for calling them on their selfish behaviour?

Large 1389062472 img 0117
May 19, 2008 1:44PM EDT

Sry Hallber for directing the comment to you... i should made it more general since i know lots of people will come read the discussions, which are made to discuss episodes like the name says it, before actually viewing the episode and then post comments about how stupid the guy is for discussing that episode... i just think that is plain dumb of people, they should know that discussions are made to discuss and on such websites as Sidereel, they are especially made to discuss episodes that have been watched. I don't even know why people check the discussions first then go watch the episodes, Sidereel put the discussions at the far bottom of the page, after the news/reviews and the episodes themselves...sry for writing so much but i had to get my points clear.

Default avatar cat
May 19, 2008 1:57PM EDT

double_a - I understand and no problem directing your comment to me. From my POV, I am happy for discussions to take place but I think people should get a *SPOILER ALERT* in the initial post when crucial elements of each episode are going to be revealed. That way, they can decide to whether to read on. My objection was there was no warning in that first post so someone would read right to the end before realising that the end of the episode had been spelt out and, in effect, ruined! When I do discussions, I never say exactly what happened. I usually hint at it and I may mention one individual's name but I never say what happened to them specifically. I also always say I am giving away a potential spoiler. That way people can skip over my post if they want to.
I do this because to this day I have not watched the season 2 finale of Torchwood. There is no point. Some joker watched the last episode and IMMEDIATELY went to the Torchwood page and posted a comment that said 'OMG I can't believe such and such happened to [these two named individuals]. They then proceeded to spell out exactly who had been injured and worse. I am obviously not giving the plot away myself but they put the OMG statement in the discussion HEADER! So I could not avoid it when I went to watch the final episode and felt myself deflate as soon as I saw it. It was a bit like getting the football scores when I was trying not to so that I could watch my recording of the match! Nope! Someone was determined to tell me who won - and lost - and how. There was therefore no point watching once I knew what was happening to the main characters.
In other words, it was ruined for me. And I was not happy.
Sorry to waffle on.

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