Lost: Setting Up the Endgame

We're getting close to what Lost's creators have been salivating over for the last several years: a mind-melting finale, the whole reason the damn show was created in the first place. Is Lost about love? Is about good versus evil? Is it about faith versus science? Is it about free will versus destiny?

We'll find all that out later, but for now, it's time to place the pieces on the game board for the big series-ender that will air one calendar month and two days from today. This is going to happen quickly, because the writers have two realities to worry about and they're running out of time.

Perhaps that's why things are feeling a tad rushed as the finish line comes into sight. This is no-nonsense Lost; characters have places to be and things to do! The series finale is coming up fast, and if they don't hit their marks, things won't work. Which is exactly what "The Last Recruit" was all about. It was pure setup with little else, but that's okay.

The show has lost a bit of emotional weight with the producers spending less time on each character's actions, and sometimes we just have to take their states of mind at surface value even if they seem out-of-place. But I'm okay with all of this... as long as it makes for a great finale. Does anyone else feel this way? Like you're sitting tight, watching Lost as it winds down for good, and just... waiting? More on that later.

On the island, allegiances are being tested, broken, and realigned in typical Lost fashion. Last night, Sawyer told everyone about his submarine plan; only those who aren't completely insane (sorry, zombie-Sayid and cuckoo-Claire) are invited. Jack decided he didn't want to leave the island and jumped off the boat, leaving everyone else behind. Widmore's people blew up the beach with Locke-seeking mortar fire, and Jin and Sun finally got back together.

Off the island, massive coincidences/destiny (arrests! emergency room visits! dead people's wills!) finally started bringing the alterna-versions of our castaways together. Sun and Locke had their near-death experiences, and at least Sun seemed to show some recognition of "the other side," by screaming "It's him!" when John Locke's gurney conveniently pulled up directly alongside her own hospital chariot. We'll forgive John for not giving us any signs as he got pretty wrecked by Desmond's car. Oh, and Ilana is a lawyer.

Overall, "The Last Recruit" was one of those non-special offerings that we simply dismiss as a necessary "setup episode" because we're not quite sure what else to call it. But like I said, that's okay.


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