MELISSA & JOEY ''Spies & Lies'' Review Episode 6

This week's episode of MELISSA & JOEY finds Joey a bit off his game, forgetting things with the children, sneaking women into the house, and leaving Melissa wondering what is going on.

When Melissa and her assistant come home in the middle of the day, they unexpectedly find Joey drinking two fisted and attempting to hide a woman in the basement. Although Joey pretends it is a distant cousin, Mel wants to think that Joey has started dating and so she starts picking on him. As the days pass and Joey becomes more and more preoccupied with the mystery woman and less involved with the children, Melissa becomes concerned. Her suspicion is heightened when she and her assistant overhear Joe and the woman discussing the children's father and bank accounts in Dubai. Melissa takes the issue, and a laundry basket, in her hands to bust in on Joe and Tessa to get to the bottom of things.

Turns out Joe and Tessa have one thing in common - Mel's brother-in-law stole millions from them. Unable to get past it, they have been tracking him around the world with the hope of finding him or the money. I am not sure if they seek revenge or restoration. In any event, Melissa finally alerts Joe to the horrible job he is doing as a nanny and to Ryder's latest problem.

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