This is the end ... my only friend, the end!

Well now as the last episode of Jericho is aired, i think its time to honor the way they've ended it.

Sure I'm disappointed, that this show couldn't find a mainstream audience and there for had to be canceled after seven epsiodes of season two. But I'm really glad about the way they had ended it.

The last seven episodes where packed full with storyline action that you do normally not even find in a whole 23 ep. season. You could argue that the last episodes where too hasty and there was no time for subtile storyline evolvement but IMHO it's really a quality to not let one seconde be wasted especially if you are not sure about the future of your show.

At the end most of the strings were tied up and I felt kind of satisfied and that's something most shows canceled weren't able to do even after 6 or more seasons.

So let's be thankfull for this worthy ending. In a way I would be disappointed to see this show being aired again by another network with probably another staff and other writers and a whole new story ark.

This bomb has been planted, so rest in peace Jericho.


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