Episode 11 Abiquiu: Review

The writers are either really creative or are just really good at planning ahead. Small characters in great scenes come back meaning much more. Corrupted Skyler and Confused Walt plan for the long haul with Saul, making some good scenes. It was an episode where everyone appeared, but it was surprising that Jesse was the main driving force this time. That hasn't happened yet this season. Jesse, trying to sell meth to a mother of two sons. Except one of these sons makes Jesse not want to sell meth to the mother and the other son makes Jesse want to blow up some gangsters in the neighborhood. Breaking Bad, as far as anybody can tell at this point, likes to fit in two story arcs every season. Except the story arcs always has consequences. Whatever is going to go down might not be as explosive as the Cousins but we'll see. This episode was special because of where it started and where it ended. Maybe a smarter viewer would've seen the mother ( is her name Andrea?)as the mother to the son who did something to someone connected to Jesse, but I didn't. Pretty cool how it started with Jesse just trying to sell meth to make his friends ashamed at their poor selling abilities and ending with him prepared to direct his rage at a new target. At least it isn't Hank. 9/10 because how many episodes that have a 10 really deserve one?

Source: TV.com


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