Stargate going dark?!

I've watched this show up until now, because the Stargate franchise has always had dynamic plot's, sometime's they've been a little on the dark side, but always ended with a feeling of comfort!!...Of joy!!...or at least in excited anticipation of next weeks episode!!

This new series is becoming less and less interesting and more depressing. I know the premise is, they're trying to survive against all odds. But it's stargate after all!! Within the first few episodes of the previous series, they've always managed to pull a rabit out of the hat and made it look fun in the process!!!!

With SGU, by the time each episode ends, I feel the need to watch a comedy or something really cheerful!

Just my opinion!



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Dec 8, 2009 11:02PM EST

But that's the beauty of it! It's MUCH more relaistic of what would happen in their current situation. I love SG1/Atlantis but we've already had funny, lighthearted, everything gets solved at the end. This show progresses more on a daily basis than the previous two shows which moved more on a several days to weeks basis which makes it more likely that an alien encounter or something would happen and that the storyline would be solved by the end of the episode. Why does SGU HAVE to be like the previous two? Just because it has SG in the title? Anyway, I'm not bashing your opinion, but I like how they've taken this in a more serious direction.

Dec 16, 2009 12:10AM EST

I hadn't checked this in a way.
I guess I could have phrased what I said better...I didn't mean this series should be like the previous two, I just meant that by the time each episode was over, it shouldn't leave a person feeling.........well, sick to their stomach (for lack of a better expression).
Obviously everyone has different tastes in what they like. I'm just a person who enjoys he scifi with a pound of wittiness and and a couple dashes of sunny side up!! ;-D lol

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Dec 16, 2009 10:58PM EST

I happen to like the wittiness and sunny sides myself! :-) Maybe they're taking it a bit too far if they're leaving people feeling depressed but I like to keep an open mind about new things and I guess I tend to think that the writers are trying to make the viewers feel what it might actually be like to travel through the gate and get stuck in such a horrible situation as the people of SGU are in. I suppose SG1/Atlantis were definitely about fun, action, adventure and they've just tried to make SGU more realistic....after all, things that happen, or what might happen, in real life are never as cool as on tv! ;-) Maybe they're just trying to use this angle and see how it'll work out. Although, after reading what many people are posting I don't think it's working out too well. That's too bad, but I know I'll keep watching it til the end.

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Feb 22, 2011 8:38PM EST

THIS IS UNBELIEVEABLE! What is it with the imbeciles at SyFy ( another sign of their intelligence right there Jeez...)
Stargaze Atlantis was my religion! I love these shows, and these morons are playing Mexican wrestling above their namesake? Unreal. These producers wouldn't know a hit SCI-FI (is how it's spelled you morons) series if they happened to watch it at half time of the Midget Wrestling series they sponsor...
Why don't you guys stop wasting actors time and just go belly up you un-freaking-ly S-T-U-P-I-D excuses for a Science fiction channel that ever was! I'm thinking of buying your franchise just to shut it down until competent management can be procured...

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